Customers have replaced the "car", and the Tao truck "precision" sales is praised.

Liu Lianhe (left) and customers took a group photo before, Lian He received a old telephone number, this time no longer changed, but a special greeting.

I am very satisfied with my lover, I have a very pleasant, and your car is really good, the service is good, I will recommend it to friends.

Tips: Refusal to reject the car two-turn service, the quality of the Tao used car has obtained the favor of the owner, and the congratulatory recommended and patient service has also been recognized.

In everyone’s eyes, he is temperate and patience. Every new car, Lian He is familiar with each other, record the status information in the heart; every docking clue, he all pays attention to customer demands, providing the appropriate solution, refusing the routine. All customers who serve the service, they all say that this is reliable! Two months ago, a customer in the surrounding county was in the Tao Wall WEY8, Lian He Communicates the car for a few days, but customers have not time to see the car.

Although there is no face, the customer still pays 3,000 yuan for deposits to reserve the car. It is approximately two months. The owner arrives at the store to pick up the car, and it can be seen that it is trusted to Tao and Lianhe.

Lian He said: The new retail mode of the Amoy line is the new retail mode, which openly transparently shows the vehicle information, and the customer trusts our products. We can’t live up to this trust and provide the best service to our customers. Efforts have been returned, in September, or a newcomer Liancheng won the honor of Shijiazhuang store sales champion, and ranked first in the national store sales.

This truly boy said that the results in front of me are nothing, with this good platform for Tao, he will continue to make performance, improve the self-target, and continue to advance. Editor in charge: kJ005.