Grasshral Governance Rule by Caused Wisdom Modernization Theory and Practice Seminar

Original title: Gravielization of grassroots governance Theory and practical workshop held recently, hosted by the Institute of Law Institute, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, China Academy of Law Research Center, China Communist Party, Zhejiang Xianju County Committee The rhitectification of grassroots governance, intelligent, modernization, and practice seminars were held in Beijing. From the Central Political and Legal Committee, the Ministry of Justice, the National Letters and Turners, Beijing Municipal People’s Republic of China, Peking University, China University of Political Science and Law, and experts and scholars from practices such as the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and research institutions attended the meeting.

The meeting introduced the situation of Xianju through digital communication grassroots.

Xianju starts from the contradiction between letters and visits, develops real-time perception, multi-adjustment, responsibility supervision, evaluation feedback, supervision and judgment "five-way ministerial control" contradiction disputes to resolve the system, integrate the rule of law, autonomous, morality, and professionalism, Promote the grassroots governance to digital, systematic, refined transition, and create a "Xianju sample" that can be reproduced, promoted, and can learn from the grassroots governance for the new era.

In the exchange link, the participating experts said that petition contradictions are an important part of the grassroots contradiction and resolution, and the combination of traditional experience and informationization means of resolving the contradiction between letters and visits is a front end attempt to undergo grassroots governance. The application and improvement of future spear intelligent systems need to do a good job with the interrogation and compatibility of national letters and visits systems, and realize the benign interaction between top design guidance and grassroots experience summary.

Mo Ji, director of the Institute of Legology, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, pointed out that the premise of grassroots social governance lies in the grassroots social construction, and the government should make the grassroots governance and grassroots construction. On the specific path, the macro level must respect the spontaneous order and operation law of the grassroots society, avoiding the unreasonable, excessive intervention, humans, the microscopic level should pay attention to the role of the village group in grassroots governance, and open the party to contact the people The last ring of the masses, the key ring. At the seminar, the practice department and the theoretical community conducted a full communication and exchanges, proposed a large number of constructive opinions and recommendations, contributing to the wisdom of the grassroots governance reform and construction and development, and has achieved fruitful results. (Reporter Dong Fanchao) (Editor: Wanpeng, Liu Yuanyuan).