High standard farmland construction rapid advancement ("14th Five-Year Plan", we started to start)

  Spring day, summer time.

In Jiangxi, the field of field is busy, the farmland construction is hot. "With high standard farmland, dry energy, water sailor, machinery road to open to Tianjia, all the whole process is used up the agricultural machinery, saves money." Jiangxi Liuguan County Panxi Township Wuxing Village plant food big households Dijin "This year, there is more than 400 acres of double-season rice. One-seater rice reform double-season rice, an acrity can increase more than 400 pounds, and it is expected that the annual output is about 700,000.

"Cultivated land is the life of food production. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out that it is necessary to build high standard farmland, truly realize drought and flood protection, high production stabilization.

  The Outline of the "Tenth Five-Year Plan" is proposed, focusing on the food production ribbon and important agricultural product production and protection zone, building a national food security industry zone, implementing high-standard farmland construction projects, and built billions of acres of concentrated elevated high standard farmland. Anchoring targets, grab the construction period, increase investment, strengthening the management, and fully fulfilled the task of 10 million acres of high standard farmland construction this year, providing stable support for the "14th Five-Year Plan" opening. Multi-channel increase investment.

Recently, Heilongjiang Fujin City Modern Agriculture 10,000-mu Rice Science and Technology Demonstration Park was lively. "Last year, the rice field acce has received a total of food, which is the light that has become high-yielded field!" Chen Fengbo, the villagers of Northeast Village, Fujin City, said, "There is also a hard, and the integrity is also more powerful." Looking forward to high yield fields.

"" The demand for farmers is strong, and the policy is fully supported.

Wang Xiaodong, Director, Director of the Farmland Construction Management Office of Heilongjiang Province, "In December last year, the agricultural rural parts of the Agricultural Rural Area under the 2021 high standard farmland construction task of 10.1 million mu. The province has passed the fiscal supporting, distribution of bonds, attracting social capital, etc., ensuring that the construction task is completed on time. "In Henan, the provincial fiscal supporting funds have been implemented in 2020, and the government bonds are 1.2 billion yuan, integrate farmers. In Jiangxi, take special debt as the main financing method, according to the standard of 3,000 yuan according to the standard of 3,000 yuan Investing in fund billions. See the investment guarantee mechanism of the national and high standard farmland construction is gradually improved.

This year, the central investment increased from last year, and the proportion of land transfer revenue was used in high standard farmland construction.

In addition, agricultural rural parts encourage all places to use a cultivated land earnings and expand the scale of bond issuance of high standard farmland construction.

Increase in investment, the construction speed, the first quarter of this year, the construction of high-standard farmland scale accounts for about 30% of the annual task, and the construction progress is generally in line with expectations. The agricultural rural department guided local use of the national farmland construction comprehensive monitoring and supervision platform, and the project construction scheme was implemented on monthly dispatch, strictly reviewed dispatching data, and urged all parts to promote high standard farmland construction.

  High quality construction of the field. "Tani facilities upgrade, now the land is called a happy! Tuqu becomes a light disil, and the field is built, the water exit, and the water is watered, and 1 person can take 1500 mu of wheat, no need to have no days. Night is guarded.

Li Wei, the person in charge of Dongzhuang Village, Xinglou Town, Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, said, "The ‘Biscuits’" turned into a toner, and the ditch is vertical and horizontal. "All localities are eliminated in accordance with the standards of" Tian Chengfang, channels, road connectivity, dry energy, water-saving ", and strengthen the quality of high standard farmland.

Sichuan launched a variety, good law, good system, good field, good plane "five good" in Hilly Mountain District; Gansu overtracting high-standard farmland construction and high-efficiency water-saving irrigation, this year’s high-efficiency water-saving irrigation task increased to 10,000 mu, truly realized drought and flood protection.

  Liangtian’s matching method, food stable increase production.

Built a high standard farmland, but also to make food, bio-pesticide, insectica lamp, straw returning … A series of green planting techniques accelerate. Ping Donglin, Zhang Yingcun, Zhangying Town, Tianhui Town, Anhui Province, said: "The fertilizer is less used, the earth block is not bullied, the wheat quality is also high, and each pound is higher than the market price. Revenue.

"High standard farmhouse boost production mode transition. Addition machinery, diet pills, strong hosting, and light field output high-yield quality grain. Assess data shows that the quality of cultivated land in high standard farmland projects can increase 1 to 2 levels, and the grain production capacity is increased by 10%. Between 20%, the average grain production of the acres is 100 kg, realizing "a quarter kilogram, two quarter tons of grain". Moreover, the amount of pesticide applications in the project area can be reduced by%, and the amount of fertilizer is reduced.

"The ditch is easy to be weeded, sludge jam, I have no things to turn, find problems in time to handle." In Zhangzhou Village, Zhuzhouhu Town, Anfu County, Jiangxi Province, and Dai Xiaojun’s heart care for high standard farm. Anfu County clarified the county, township, villages, and group four-level grid long management responsibility, and arranged 1 assistant staff per 1,000 mu of farmland.

  Three-point construction, seven-point management, and establish a sound high-standard farmland tube care mechanism.

Jiangxi, Shandong and other provinces actively explored the "Tian Chang system" "Tian Bao Hum" and other management models, mobilizing professional major, family farms, farmer cooperatives, etc. to carry out the enthusiasm of daily maintenance of farmland facilities. Liaoning, Heilongjiang, Henan and other provinces take property insurance, government purchase service, setup full-time management care, and mobilize all parties to jointly participate in the management of farmland facilities, and focus on long-term benefits. "Next, the agricultural rural departments will gather in the power, taking measures, tightly twist the key links of cultivated land protection and farmland construction, and fully promote the landing of the whole food, Tibetan grains, and further consolidate the comprehensive production capacity of food. .

Wu Hongwei, Secondary Extrusion Division, Agricultural Rural Ministry, Farmland Construction Management, said.