Huaao car is also a fire, see how the owner said

With the development and progress of the times, people’s quality of life continue to improve, and now they have bought cars.

So that the number of vehicles has increased, such an opportunity brings more opportunities to the automotive industry.

At present, there is still a lot of blanks in the market, and many car service providers want to compete for this site.

Among them, a small series of companies that preferred are Beijing Huaao Auto. Since its inception, Beijing Huaao Anxin has always adhered to the concept of people-oriented core development, and Beijing Huaao reluctance has also introduced international mature service model, which is to study the development of yourself. law. Next, let Xiaobian for everyone to explain the advantage of Beijing Huaao Auto! my country’s motor vehicle market has developed rapidly, and China’s home motor vehicle insurance has risen. It has been knocked with many times in the ten years. In the provincial capital, municipalities directly under the Central Government, may have related stores per cell. And with the development of the Internet, many drivers’s WeChat contacts, friends in the circle of car repairs, second-hand car traders traders.

But is it professional? do not know! Huaao Auto wants to think about the owner, and the rushing owner is actually in the field of motor vehicle services. It does need a commercial system that can do one-stop service. This may not be a simple business concept, which is one after the sale. Systematic service company. Because vehicles involving multiple countries, multiple brands, and even different years in terms of maintenance and maintenance; in terms of related testing and maintenance, we need to protect our specialization, have a variety of automotive maintenance experience, and in parts Repair, parts replacement requires considerable knowledge; parts used in old ages, do not mention inventory, may experience shallow, auto repair master, and even this kind of car is constructed. Therefore, the owner has many problems that are not easy to solve in this regard, but Huaao cars think.

Huaao Hexin’s technical team is familiar with the vehicle’s maintenance and warranty process, with extensive experience, has excellent technology.

Many people have experience in buying used cars, the most difficult choice is often not the price, but what is this car? Is it an accident? Is there a foam? The current problem of the car is not big? I always worry in my heart. Because it is too difficult to find a professional person, the credulous man’s voice is too low. So always worry.

This is the case when I buy a second-hand car, and it is the case because the procedure, the car is status, and the car is not a matter.

This requires fair, fair testing and evaluation.

At this point, Huaao car also thought of the needs of the owner.

The vehicle detection assessment service launched by Hua Olympics can detect and evaluate the vehicle’s engine, gearbox, brake system, circuitry, and can determine the expected life and components of the detected vehicle.

Let the customers who buy or shoot the used car clearly clear. With the popularity of motor vehicles in the Chinese family, the insurance in the city is getting bigger and bigger, in order to meet the related needs after buying motor vehicles, Wah Anxin is careful from the maintenance. . In small passenger car parts reliability and life detection, as well as advanced vehicle detection technology, it can provide customers with economical reliable maintenance programs. The whole car test provides up to 160 test projects, allowing customers to fully understand the car health.

In terms of timely, if the owner needs help, give the Huaao car one phone call, the fastest can be rescued for 30 minutes.

Huaao Auto’s growth and the growth of Huaao Auto have carried out services in the principle of one-stop service in 2008.

The development of the owner’s trust was obtained from the years.

In December 2015, Huaao Anxin was selected as the top ten service providers of the national auto market in the selection of China Auto News. In the 21st century, the China Auto "Golden Engine" award, Beijing Huaao Auto Service Co., Ltd. was rated as 2016 Best Auto Waiting Service Company in the financial service selection. In August 2017, Huaao Anxin reached a cooperation with China Life property Insurance Co., Ltd. In October 2017, Huaao Auto and Jilin University launched a number of technical cooperation in a number of automotive sectors. In November 2017, Huaao relief achieved high-tech enterprise qualifications. In 2018, the tenth year of Huaao Auto was established, and cooperated with Tsinghua University to carry out the automotive power battery industrialization technology, thereby involved in the field of new energy motor vehicles. In July 2019, Hua Olympian increased by 5 in the patent, and has the ability to detect the core components of the car.

In 2020, Huaao Auto continued to develop new energy vehicle testing technology, and cooperate with Jilin University on new energy vehicle testing technology research and development. All in all, more and more people buying cars, the service of the extended market is worth looking forward to.

Any car owner is to hope that his car can be safe, so they almost not care, repair these services. If you want to buy a reliable car extended, Beijing Huaao cars is really a good choice.

Disclaimer: The market is risky, choose cautious! This article is for reference only, not for trading basis.