France’s May CPI increased by 5.2% year -on -year increased by a new high since 1985

  Paris, May 31st (Reporter Li Yang) Economic data released by French official institutions on the 31st local time shows that French consumer price index (CPI) in May this year rose by%year -on -year, which has reached a new high since 1985. The initial economic statistics announced by the French National Statistics and Economic Research Institute showed that the French CPI increased by%year -on -year in May, which broke the record of CPI statistics as much as 5%since September 1985.

Statistics of the agency show that energy prices are still rising, and prices such as food, finished products and service industries are also rising, thereby boosting that CPI is high.

  Data show that French food prices are still rising, in May, a year -on -year increase (April year -on -year increased by%), and the price of fresh ingredients has slowed down; the increase in energy prices in May has soared again, reaching 28%, higher than April, higher than April Lie (%). The increase in May of the finished product was%, which was also higher than the increase in April (%). The French CPI rose for several consecutive months. In January this year, a year -on -year increase of%, a year -on -year increase of%, in March, a year -on -year increase of%, and a year -on -year increase of%.

However, CPI data in France is still in line with market expectations compared to its neighboring countries and other countries. Germany’s CPI in May rose by%year -on -year, exceeding market expectations.

The overall inflation rate in the euro area rose to%in May.

  The French Institute of Statistics and Economics of France also updated the economic data of France in the first quarter of this year.

According to this data, the first quarter of this year’s GDP increased by%year -on -year, a decrease of%month -on -month.

French consumer expenditure level is lower than the previous statistics. Inflation is an important influencing factor and inhibit family consumption expenditure.

  French officials have promised to take a new round of measures to promote the purchase power of the people, which may include increasing basic pensions, increasing the salary of civil servants, and providing food subsidies for low -income people.

The issue of inflation and purchasing power is also the focus of attention of voters in the upcoming parliamentary election.