I bought it when I bought it and found that there are many rusts

The new car bought back was rusty, and even brake smoke after driving for a week … When it comes to car protection, many car owners are too "aggrieved"! On March 10, the Nanjing Automobile Consumption Rights Protection Committee released the 2021 car consumer complaint analysis report, and 80%of the complaint cases were complained for new car consumption. Among them, issues such as not fulfilling contracts, car quality issues, and not fulfilling three packages are more prominent. Keywords: The oral commitment style did not write into the contract to confirm that rights protection was in dilemma. Consumer Consumer Consumer Consumer Zhou booked a BMW X1 in a 4S shop in Nanjing in February 2022, and then negotiated with 4S shops to change the 2022 models.

When the car was lifted, Mr. Zhou found that the vehicle was issued in December 2021 and raised objections to the 4S shop.

The sales staff of the 4S store said that after July 2021, the factory was all 2022.

After verification, the 4S shop stated that the BMW X1 manufacturers have never promoted 2021 and 2022 models, and there are no 2022 words on the car purchase agreement.

Qin Youyue, deputy director of the Automobile Protection Special Committee of the Nanjing Consumer Association, said that because of consumer -related car purchase contracts, invoices, etc., the words "2022" are not stated. Essence

In order to achieve sales, the BMW 4S store sales staff misleads consumers in verbal form. Therefore, in the process of buying a car, consumers must determine the models, configurations and other terms confirmed by the two parties on the car purchase contract in order to avoid the dilemma of being unable to defend their rights after being misled. Keywords: What should I do if the manufacturer should do after the quality of the car quality recall? On the evening of October 29, 2021, Mr. Wang, the owner, drove 3 kilometers from the Nanjing toll station from the Ninghang Expressway. Wait until the high -speed emergency clearance vehicle drags the vehicle out of the high speed before it is out of danger.

After the 4S shop was inspected, it was confirmed that the mechanical and electrical control unit of the gearbox was damaged, but the 4S shop believed that the vehicle had passed the warranty period and required Mr. Wang to repair it at its own expense.

Mr. Wang’s vehicle was purchased in June 2011. The manufacturer publicly promised the transmission for 10 years and the driving mileage of 160,000 kilometers. In November 2013, the manufacturer was uniformly recalled and replaced the new gearbox motor and electrical control unit. Mr. Wang believes that the ten -year warranty period of the car should be calculated from the 2013 manufacturer’s recall and replacement of the gearbox electromechanical control unit. After verification, the vehicle was indeed recalled by the manufacturer in 2013, but the purchase date of the car was June 2011. The failure was in October 2021, and it had exceeded ten years of warranty. As for the recall of manufacturers in 2013, it is only a guarantee measure to prevent and eliminate quality defects in the batch of vehicles. The warranty time of the vehicle should be calculated with the vehicle, so consumers need to repair themselves at their own expense. However, it cannot be denied that the car was recalled in 2013 for replacing the gearbox electromechanical control unit. This time, the component had a failure at a high speed, causing the vehicle to stall, and the driving staff was in danger. Should manufacturers improve the quality of automobile products and avoid such problems from happening again? Keywords: After the after -sales service, the new car bought the rust 4S store is not processed? Consumer Sun purchased a Volkswagen Skoda car in November 2021, and did not check it carefully when buying a car. On January 2, 2022, after opening the hood, he saw that the turbocharged pump screw screws were all rusty. After inspection by the repair shop, it was found that the cabin seemed to have been cleaned. Tripsticks such as the aging of the door frame. After consumer complaints, after verification by the Consumer Association, the 4S shop acknowledged that the situation of consumers was true. It turned out that this was because the 4S shop put the new car in the open -air parking lot, which was caused by long -term sun and rain. Although consumers only discover problems after more than a month, as after -sales service, 4S shops should also help consumers actively deal with it in time. When picking up the car, consumers should also carefully and carefully check the vehicle situation. If the engine compartment is found on the spot, multiple screws are rusted and the door frame gum is seriously aging. The Consumer Association reminds consumers to be "information -to -be" for car complaint cases before buying a car. Cao Wei, deputy secretary -general of the Nanjing Consumer Association, proposed that consumers must compare the car before buying a car. Essence At the same time, you must check carefully. "Many sales are to sell cars, saying that the ceiling is messy, and a lot of things are given, but the contract does not appear, resulting in subsequent disputes." Cao Wei suggested that consumers need to know the car when buying a car to know the car. Model and configuration, Mo was fooled by the incompetent sales information.

New energy vehicles are developing rapidly. How do consumers choose new energy vehicles? Qin Youyue said that consumers generally understand the model online in advance, and then go offline to test drive.

"At present, domestic new energy vehicles are selling large brands such as BYD, ideals, and good quality and services." Qin Youyue suggested that families can consider new energy vehicles when buying a second car. Low, but the charging facilities still need to be improved, so the far away door is mainly based on fuel vehicles. New energy vehicles can be considered in daily short -distance on -work.

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