Li Lan’s face is pale,Biting lips and not talking,This look even makes Yang Pingfan hate Chang Jia to his bones。

Li Suifeng is also willing,His wife died young,Leaving only a daughter like Li Lan,I usually spoil myself like a princess,Now he is hurt by cyber violence like this,I have the heart to kill。
Comfort Li Lan,Two out,Each speak their own way,Coincidentally,To treat his body in his own way。Li Suifeng gave an order,The public relations department of Galaxy Technology immediately started operating at full speed。
As a high-tech enterprise born in the Internet age,It is commonplace to be discredited by competitors and self-media with ulterior motives.,Therefore, maintaining an efficient PR team is a must。
I saw them ventilate with the police station first,Saying that someone framed your officials,I also posted the edited video。Now the official has got rid of the previous slow response,After getting the news, I quickly retrieved the full video of the day from the swimming pool,Sent through the official account。
The Water Resources Bureau quickly followed up,Posting to refute rumors that Yang Pingfan is not an employee of this unit,No such person found。Netizens are passionate,Easy to top,Seeing things quickly reverse,Immediately aimed at the rhythmic bigVaccount number,All kinds of vicious abuse blurted out,Not weaker than the level of scolding Li Lan a few days ago。
follow closely,Hackers in the public relations department of Galaxy Technology,Publish the source through traceable news,Found the original accountIDcall“Finely divided side dishes”,Used a little professional means,I discovered that this was the trumpet of a lawyer in a certain law firm,Large is plusvLawyer Chang,The rhythm of the trumpet,Attorney Chang started to forward,and@More than a dozen self-media accounts,These self-media are afraid of chaos,Immediately swarmed like flies smelling stool,Make things known to the whole network。
“Tut,Turned out to be plusv’S lawyer,Proficient in rhythmic processes,I know that the most unseen thing for netizens now is the government oppressing the people。Official,Assault a child,Official guard,A few netizens who can beatgThe elements of the points are all,Be true to netizens,No wonder the scale effect can be formed in a short time。”
The director of public relations is also a young man named Bai Lin,Twenties,Slightly fat,Freckled,He shook his head and said while typing on the keyboard。Yang Pingfan stood beside him,Said in a irritable mood:“Don’t talk about these useless,I will ask you what to do next。”
Bai Lin picked up the fat house happy water on the table and took a sip,“Don’t worry,Public opinion must be built step by step。Let me tell you another interesting thing,Lawyer Chang,After we dig deep,I found it was Ms. Chang’s sister。”
The supervisor continues to give orders on the computer,So the relevant personal information of Lawyer Chang and Ms. Chang“Accidentally”Appeared online,A Weibo plusv’S lawyer,Leverage network influence,Reverse black and white,Help your relatives discredit others,Plus complete surveillance video streaming,Netizens fried the pot again。
This is an emotional feeling of being used as a donkey,Like an active volcano,Only one Mars can fully erupt。at this time,Galaxy Technology’s navy finally debuted,They make up jokes,Fan the flames,Ridicule the netizens who followed the trend before,Raise the anger of netizens to the extreme,Finally a bunch of grumpy old men can’t help it。
The phone of the law firm was broken,I received more than a dozen blades sent in a day,Ms. Chang also received a dead mouse wrapped in swimming trunks by a grumpy brother。
Under the verbal criticism of netizens,The Chang family can’t hold it anymore,Publish a public apology。Afterwards, Galaxy Technology Public Relations transferred firepower in due course,“Inadvertently”It was revealed that Li Lan was the youngest surgeon in the history of Zhuque Red Cross Hospital,And showed off the pennants sent by patients in the past,So netizens boiled again,Calling Li Lan a surgical Xi Shi,Also set up a special support group on Weibo。
“did you see that,Don’t give birth to me keyboard man,The spray channel is like a long night,This is the way to manipulate public opinion,Call the wind and call the rain,More exciting。”
Bai Lin shook his head,Triumphant,Did not pay attention to Yang Pingfan’s thoughtful expression。
Chapter 16 A Gold Plate
What happened to Ms. Chang’s family has nothing to do with Yang Pingfan,At the moment he and Guo Xiong are sitting in the conference room,Listen to Li Suifeng assign them tasks。
“This is the first project since the establishment of the project team,It’s also a relatively easy one。Your mission is simple,Go to Brazil,Find a man named Balaqi,Participate in an auction,Buy what he is going to sell,Then come back,mission completed。”