I asked with a smile,“You also install surveillance in your home?”

“Child is still young,Only teenagers,Install a monitor,I have to watch him from time to time,So I feel relieved。”The boss said。
really,An eleven or twelve year old boy walks through the living room,Walked to the kitchen。
I can’t help but move in my heart。
If the camera is secretly installed in Uncle Wu’s house,,Then can I know what Zhou Rui and Uncle Wu are doing??
Thought of here,My heart can’t help but beat violently。
I swear,I do,just want to know,Are there any more expensive things between them?,And never want to peek into Uncle Wu’s privacy。
All day,I’ve been absent-minded in the company。
I have been thinking about,If Uncle Wu really happened to Zhou Rui,what should I do?
If divorced,Doesn’t it mean pushing Zhou Rui to Uncle Wu??
Not divorce,Am I going to wear a green hat on my head??
There is,How can I install the camera in their home?
These questions are like a closed circle,Keep changing randomly in my mind,I made several small mistakes in my work。
Fortunately, there is a poetic dream next to me,Corrected me in time。
She is 23 years old,Just past the internship period,I took it the first day I joined the company。