Not only that,Our soup,May be harmful。

Someone will say,It doesn’t matter if the soup is not nutritious,It’s delicious,Just drink water。
Make sense,Drink soup,Especially the broth,It’s better to drink water to be healthy,Nutrients can’t come out,Those substances that are not so healthy for the human body are all boiled out。
Purines and fats contained in meat,In the process of boiling, they ran into the soup。
We like pork and chicken for soup,It happens to be the most purine content in livestock and poultry respectively。
Those who have studied junior high school biology probably still remember,Purines are important bases that make up nucleic acids in organisms,but,Purines people get in their diet,It doesn’t have such a big effect。
Although this type of purine only accounts for20%,But it is hardly used by the human body,But converted into uric acid in the human body,And uric acid is too high to be metabolized,Can cause uric acid crystalline salt to deposit in connective tissues such as joints,Cause gout。
Guangdong Province, the country’s favorite soup,There are tens of millions of gout patients,Incidence rate is as high as10%,There may be one gout patient in every ten people。
Although soup is not the direct killer of gout,The purine content in a bowl of soup is not that much,But in many low-purine dietary guidelines,The broth is clearly indicated that you should drink less or not。
at the same time,The fat in the meat will also dissolve in the hot soup,Many people think the white soup is rich in nutrients,Actually,Tang Yue Nong,The higher the fat content,Because the so-called milky soup,Is actually emulsified fat。
Fat is also a nutrient needed by the human body,Can provide the body with efficient energy reserves,So in the era of scarce resources,Drinking bone broth is a way for people to gain energy。
But today with such a rich diet,No one wants to add more fat,Drink a bowl of soup,One month’s fitness exercise can be done for nothing。
but,Excessive fat intake,It’s still a small matter to gain weight,Wait until blood lipids rise,Induces cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases,But it’s really not a joke。
For people with weak digestion,Soup seems to be a good choice。but in fact,Saturated fat in the soup,It will put more burden on their stomachs。
and,The longer the soup is, the more nutritious it is。in contrast,Soup is too long,Amino acids in food may be destroyed,Nutrient loss,Purine and fat will increase with the cooking time。
In addition to purines and fats,There is also a very risky substance in the soup——salt。