“I can find him。”I said for sure。

Suddenly,Yao Yun and the black woman looked at me in surprise。
Chapter Forty One track
“any solution?”Yao Yun asked。
I ignored her,But staring straight at the black woman,“Mrs. Dong,You make a call,Let him come back,When he leaves,We find a way to keep up。”
The black woman’s eyes dangled。
She is struggling intensely inside。
perhaps,She never thought,Betray your husband。
“Your current husband and wife relationship,Is dead in name。”I said with a smile,“in other words,If Dong Chengfei knew what happened last night,I guess he will sweep you out mercilessly。”
really,This sentence hit the black woman’s key。
Her hesitant eyes,Gradually become firmer。
“it is good,I think of a way to get him back。”
She said,Picked up the phone on the table。
but,She didn’t dial。
moment,She suddenly raised her head,“I can make this call,but,I want to ask you to help。”