This divine bow attacked the planet Golden,That demon cultivator shot the divine bow with an arrow in the cheek of Emperor Lei,Is a superb magic weapon,The name is“Big Thor Bow”,Powerful,Is a long-range weapon。

In a valley with a radius of only a dozen miles,Lei Tianzi and others finally saw the indigenous people in the secret realm,That is a small village with less than 10,000 people,The reason why it is called a small village,Also because there is no wall,Only the fences that prevent the beasts from hitting the houses,The indigenous people have the cultivation base of the spiritual and solid foundation period,It’s a not too weak force,As long as there is no high-level power to make trouble,They are enough to protect their homeland,Living and working in peace is no problem。
The three of Lei Tianzi got together,Then walk into the village,Gave the first immortal cultivator a virtual space,There is a set of superb magical instruments and a billion crystals,It’s a meeting gift,Ask him to introduce the elders in the village。
The natives are very happy,Quickly take the distant guests to the front of the tallest house,I only know my name,This is called Qipi Village,A small place in Qidan mainland,The village chief is the old man in front of you,Named Dong Fangyu,Is a cultivator of the initial stage of solid foundation,Has lived for more than 270 years。
Tianzi Lei respects this old man,Take out ten bottles of Ning Yuan Dan and present it to Dong Fangyu,Ningyuan Pill belongs to the second-level spirit pill,White appearance,Pea size,Usually only six can be made in one furnace,Function is cohesive force,It belongs to the spiritual pill for the transition from the condensing phase to the spiritual phase,Promote the cohesion of mana in the cultivator’s dantian。
In addition, a bottle of Zengyuan Dan was presented,It is a third-level pill that supplements the energy consumption,It is twice as advanced as Ningyuan Dan,It belongs to the spirit pill used by immortal cultivators during the solid foundation period,Not too precious,Instead, it expresses respect for the local indigenous people through the giving of gifts,There are many more precious spirit pills in the hands of the emperor Thunder,But it’s not convenient to take it out,As the saying goes:“Gentleman is innocent,Guilty。”
In other words,A treasure that shows beyond ordinary value,The innocent will become guilty,therefore,Baby depends on people before taking it out,This is a very practical science。
Dong Fangyu was really happy,Take out local specialties to entertain Lei Tianzi,There are two spirit fruits,One is winter flag melon,Swollen,Basketball size,It’s very rurun and delicious in your mouth,One is called Youqi melon seeds,Every Youqi melon seed has a lingering aura coming out,Eating more can increase cultivation,A delicious food for low-level cultivators,Fruits used as hospitality are also good occasions。
Lei Tianzi chatted with Dong Fangyu,It’s nothing more than to praise the scenery of Qidan mainland,Expressed willingness to build a good relationship with the village chief Dong Fangyu,Cultivators who are also human,Helping each other in adversity is king。
Chapter One Hundred Eight Looking for Dango
Tian Qi and Tian Lu despise the words of Emperor Lei,When the Thunder Team led by Lei Tianzi attacked the Tian family,I don’t care that they are all human cultivators,It’s not cannibalism yet?In the face of interests,Friendship is just a piece of skin,Sometimes this skin is very beautiful,Sometimes this skin is ugly。
Pleasant conversation is always charming,Dong Fangyu was happy to talk about some legends about Dan Guo。
Dango,This is the purpose of Lei Tianzi coming to Qidan mainland,As long as you eat Danguo,It’s possible to get promoted quickly to the lock stage。
original,Danguo comes from Yundanya,Fengdanmen、Hudan Palace、In the hands of the three biggest forces like Liudan Lake,A contest is held every three years,Anyone who has won the top ten,To be eligible for a Dango,This is the only chance to get Dan Guo。
Lei Tianzi nodded secretly,Thought:“This program is very similar to the information provided by Yaozu,He didn’t mention Fengdanmen、Hudan Palace、These big forces in Liudan Lake,Dango,Must go through a fierce fight,Beat the opponent,This is in line with the details mentioned in the intelligence。”
sometimes,Tianzi Lei also thought to himself:“Why are the three major forces again?In Xiao Mi Tian Xing, there are three sects who deal with corpse puppets,There is also the original home on the planet that does not fall、Yuejia、Zhen Jia,There are many organizations with three,Maybe it’s because the three organizations are involved in each other.?There is a famous story of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China,Mathematics also regards triangles as the most stable basic figure。”
Thought of here,Smiled,Lei Tianzi asked:“Senior Dong,Didn’t anyone sell it after getting Dan Guo??”