For a moment,The weapon officer thought he would become the savior,Use the Phalanx’s rate of fire to deal with these drones that are as slow as ducks,Not a problem at all……However, a huge shock completely shattered his wish,Three consecutive bombs hit directly,First turn the ship island into a crumbling torch,It also completely kills the possible counterattack in the cradle。

Under the precise control of the mastermind,Other drones follow10Meter spacing,From bow to stern,Cast250High explosive bomb,Ignite the entire aircraft carrier,In the continuous explosion,Nearly one hundred kilogramsPBXN-103The explosive power of aluminum explosives,The instantaneous high temperature melted the firm hull steel plate of the aircraft carrier into a shocking hole。
The powerful impact caused the hull of tens of thousands of tons to shake suddenly.,In the blast,The entire upper deck was completely opened,Twisted steel twisted into twists,Flying fragments hit the sky,The fighter plane parked on the deck bounces as high as a toy,Fell heavily into the sea。
But the USS Elizabeth is a huge steel ship with a displacement of more than 10,000 tons.,It is impractical to sink it completely by conventional bombs,So the master brain just paralyzed it,Then attack other targets in the military port
The attack by the drone swarm made the John National Navy look silly,But ten minutes,The last glory of the Imperial Navy became a coffin on fire,Let everyone still in their dreams,When the drone turns direction,A soldier is worthy of being a soldier,Quickly recovered,Raise your weapon and start counterattack。
Unfortunately, the fleet is in the military port,Most of the sailors went ashore for vacation,The remaining personnel are not enough to operate the huge warship,The fleet can only be blown up like a crowd of sardines,In chaos,Someone finally activated the shipborne air defense weapon,Gear friction sound,Anti-aircraft missiles slid open the launch barrel,The Phalanx also raised the dark barrels。
Then the weapon operator showed shock and despair on his face。
No radar waves reflected back,Fire control radar cannot lock the target!
Just when the weapon operator was confused,The drone also found the anti-aircraft missile exposed by opening the launch tube,Nothing,A blockbuster was baffled。
The blockbuster caused the missile to explode,A blooming super firework appeared in the middle of the destroyer,The destroyer of several thousand tons was pushed into the water halfway under the shock wave of the explosion,Then it bounces high under the buoyancy,The sailors on the deck didn’t hold onto something,Was thrown out,Poses in various funny poses in the air。
The soldiers who were lucky enough to stay on the warship could not laugh,Because of the continuous explosions on the warship,The shock wave took the steel storm to tear the fragile human bodyDNADetection and discrimination of debris,At last,The severely damaged keel finally could not support the weight of the warship itself,Folded in two,In a harsh squeak,Warship disconnected from the middle,Both ends up high,Slowly disappearing into the sea,Became the first large warship to be sunk。
When the first wave of bees raged in the military port,Subsequent waves of drone swarms entered the territory of John from the south one after another,Their goal,Are all military units in the country of John。
At this time, the news of the attack on the military port has reached the Supreme Command.,The fighter on duty quickly took off to intercept,But nothing is above the radar,The haughty knights in the Royal Air Force can only run around like headless flies in the sky,But can’t find any goals,Just when the pilot was very anxious,A flashing red light suddenly lit up in the cabin。