Yan Ruyu Endure,But he gradually discovered,People are not satisfied,They have to pull off all the feathers of the red-crowned cranes,They said that only the Arhat King Kong in this world can universalize sentient beings,Red-crowned cranes should no longer exist in this world。

“Do not!”
“not like this,Is our master,It’s our Taoist priest who has tried his best,Chen Xuanji was hit hard,You are wrong,You are all wrong!”
“Our Dao Sect paid so much,We shouldn’t be abandoned,We should not be forgotten……”
Yan Ruyu began to try to defend,He everywhere promoted Daomen’s contribution in the war,but,No one listens to him,because,The war has gradually ended。
After the demon god Chen Xuanji was suppressed by Buddhism,The evil spirit retreated to the north bank of the Red River,Peace is restored to the world,Countless people hope to be free from suffering。
at last,People rushed into the temple where Yan Ruyu was,They set fire to the temple,The seriously injured beautiful junior girl wants to stop,But they plucked out the white feathers。
finally,The flames swallowed everything。
Not dead on the battlefield,The younger sister who died in the temple,Watching the corpse of Junior Sister being burned to ashes,Yan Ruyu is completely angry。
“You return my junior sister!!!”
anger,Resentment fills his mind。
Grief,Sadness made him lose control。
He launched the remaining red-crowned cranes。
A battle between Taoism and Buddhism has begun。
The red-crowned cranes destroyed the Buddhist monastery,The Luohan King Kong incinerated the ancient borrowings in the temples of the red-crowned cranes,The two parties began to negotiate a debate,On the Road。
The believers on both sides continue to fight。
Beacon smoke rises everywhere。
at last,Little remains of the temple destroyed。