Hear this,I laughed。

Yao Yun’s words are almost the same as her eyes,So naive。
“how is this possible,Generally do what you like,If you are afraid of your wife,To please his wife。”I said leisurely,“About you,An exception。”
Yao Yun nodded,A clear look。
I guess she must be thinking,If it’s all like that,I’m afraid I was beaten to death long ago。
“that,Can we change the means to demand debt??”Yao Yun asked。
A kind girl like her,Really rare。
I was very surprised,What exactly is thinking in her little head。
Long silence,I asked slowly,“President Yao,Have you ever thought about a problem。”
About this question,in fact,I have already begun to doubt。
just,Chasing after the storm,I don’t want to talk nonsense。
In addition,Yao Yun’s relationship with me,Doesn’t seem so iron。
Through these two days of contact,I suddenly found,Yao Yun is an innocent girl。
She dressed herself up like a tank,Actually in the minds of discerning people,At most it’s a ladybug。
For such a girl,The desire to protect from nothing,I can’t help but want to remind her。