These three things are teasing me?

Yan Ruyu was a little confused for a while,But soon he understood,These three people know about his identity as a night watchman,Now I heard his identity as a successor to Taoism,Then,This time,What is Sanhuo most afraid of?
I’m not afraid that he will take the money,But he was afraid of killing!
“It’s because I saw that I cut the sixth stage drama life master with one sword,Think you can’t beat me,So pretend to die on purpose?just,This acting is too exaggerated?”
Yan Ruyu intends to leave directly,But just took a step,Then stopped again,because,He thought of another question,Since Sanhuo thinks he will kill them,If he left directly,Will it‘The traces are a bit heavier’,Inadvertently revealed his collapse?
Yes indeed!
Normally,I should kill Wei Yu?
If you don’t kill,It seems unreasonable?
Go up and kill?
No way!
Once you do it,Sanhuo must be desperately jumping the wall!
and so,I should accompany them in a play?
Yan Ruyu had an idea in his heart,then,Cold tone:“Don’t pretend the three adults,Although you know the identity of my Taoist heir,But for the sake of a colleague,As long as you are willing to make a poisonous oath today,Help me keep this secret,I won’t kill you。”
There is a loophole in this statement!
because,Wei Yu and the three are very clear,Yan Ruyu and them are not colleagues,And now Yan Ruyu deliberately considers himself a colleague,Obviously exposed“Murder”Thoughts。
This time,Wei Yu and Qin Shufang faced two choices,One is to jump up and escape immediately,Second, gritted his teeth and continued to play dead,It’s up to fate。