Yao Yun sat up,“Why not do it,you are mine,My grandpa is the largest shareholder of the group,I will make the decision for you。”

Hear this,I smiled。
She is still a mud bodhisattva and it is hard to protect herself,Also said to protect me,What a joke。
“thank you for your kindness。”I said calmly,“But i have decided,After getting your money back,I will leave that city,I don’t expect to go back again。”
I’m so desperate now。
After going back,Find evidence of Zhou Rui’s derailment,Then divorced her。
And then,Leave that sad place as quickly as possible。
This life,Never come again。
I’m pretty sure。
Yao Yun asked suddenly,“Is it because of your wife??”
I was shocked by her words,How did she know。
What i said last night!
After two coughs,I pretended to say calmly,“Be it。”
Since she already knows,There is no need to deliberately conceal it。
“Not worth it for a woman。”Yao Yun said,“If she betrayed you,You should live better in this city,then,Live a better life,Make her regret!”
Her argument,Surprised me。
This is the counseling girl Yao Yun,What is said??
I laughed to myself,“Stop kidding,I’ll spend my whole life,It’s not enough to make her regret it。”
This sentence is very rational。