Chen Xiu thought this man had drugged the woman or something,It’s just getting more wrong,That woman seems to be completely dead。

“Evil animal!”
Zhang Yuantu shouted and attacked the man。
The man put his head back at the woman’s neck,I saw his mouth full of blood,Looking at the woman’s neck,Two obvious tooth holes are still bleeding out。
Chen Xiu’s feet trembled,Almost fell to the ground。
The vampire throws the woman in his hand at Zhang Yuantu vigorously,Anger:“Zhang Yuantu,You have been chasing me from the mainland to Hong Kong Island,Don’t think i’m really scared of you!”
Zhang Yuantu avoided,I fought with vampires close to my body。
The sound of the two clashing fists and feet is a loud noise like firecrackers,It’s hard to separate at once。
“What are you still doing,help!”Zhang Yuantu couldn’t hold the opponent for a while,Shouted at Chen Xiu。
Chen Xiu hasn’t woken up from the shock,Take a look at the female corpse on the ground that was sucked up with blood,But thinking about whether the other party is a real vampire or not,Still a perverted murderer,It’s always right to catch him first。
Step forward,Hit the vampire’s side with one punch。
“Get out!”
The vampire obviously didn’t pay attention to Chen Xiu,Regardless of Chen Xiu’s fist,He grabbed Chen Xiu’s backhand。
Chen Xiu’s lower back has dodged the opponent’s attack,The punch hit his waist firmly。
The ribs of the waist are the weak points of the human body,With Chen Xiu’s current boxing power, no one can resist。