After hearing,Immediately revealing confident smile,“This problem is very good,Mr. Xia can also come to the era,I can also arrange an important position for Mr. Xia.。”

Summer scorpion flashed a surprise。
He had to admit,This guy is not old,The city government is very deep.。
Neither provocative,There is no debate,Speaking, doing things is not dripping,Change to others,I am afraid that I have been touched.。
But the summer is clear。
If the other party has scheduled,I am not his company.,In fact, it is the same。
He in his own site,I want to calculate a person,Not too easy。
Seeing two people don’t speak,The ancient wind thought they were,Immediately。“Mr. Xia,Please don’t misunderstand,Please also believe me.,I am too love this person.,At the beginning, I met Miss Luo.,I used to explore the trend of the Internet future development.,Miss Luo’s remarks,I have done me deeply.,Also made me very worse,From then on,One
Thunder is not stopped in my mind.。”
Say,He deeply looked at Luo Qianjin,“This is a petite,Why isn’t I am in my company?,Such a talented woman,How can I watch her grievance?,This is the purpose I drive to the Qinghai from Beijing.。”
Red fruit。
Non-signal,The ancient winds lit up knife。
I ask for a sage and thirst.,Give her president position,for her,I can let you go to the company……In fact, you are a small three。
Summer is as if I have not understood,Ambitious。
But his words,But I have a table directly.。
“Ancients,You won’t have a figure for my girlfriend.?”
Narrate,The ancient wind is wrong,“Mr. Xia,what do you mean?I am a talent of Miss, Miss.。”
Two words in the summer,Faint,“The name of the Times Group,I also heard,Internet and the field,Since it is the internet,So some rumors about ancient,There are also many in the network.。”
Voice is just,Ancient face。
Summer continues,“There are a lot of rumors in the network.,I don’t know if it is true.,But there is an intriguing taste,Luo Teacher,Do you know what is it??”
“what?”Luo Qianjin is so hoped,She is really curious。
“Ancient principal……Be right,Many people in the network claim to be ancient president,The ancient principal has three great hobbies,Loli,wife,Green hat。”
This sentence,The ancient smile is astringent,Gently。
Three hobbies circulated by the network,to him,Is a taboo。
No one dares to mention the topics in front of him.,But in front of you, this small three is not polite.。
Welcome the face of Luo Qianjin,Summer refers to her face and figure,Hoe。
“Luo Teacher,You are twenty-six years old this year.,But a fifteen-six-year-old doll face,There is a bike voice,But the body is so good,And my girlfriend,It can be described as the perfect combination of Luo Li and his wife.……”
There is no left.,Luo Qianjin’s face is ashamed。
“Mr. Xia。”The ancient face is stronger,“Those are rumors in the network,My competitors deliberately,You can’t be true。”
Toned,He smiled again,Look at Luo Qianjin,“Miss Luo,I also hope that you don’t be misleading,and……I am getting married at the end of this year.,I am sincere, sincere, I want to invite you to join the epoch.。”
Unlike Qianjin,Summer in advance,“Ancients,You are also adults,I must know a word,Calling the hole is not necessarily caused.。”
The ancient trend is more,Shake your head,“Identity,Why do you care about how others say?。”