“I understand”Wooden pills heard that his grandfather’s eyes were somewhat,Head is also low。

“It’s so good.,As for your grandfather’s body,Feel sorry,He has already made himself.”Finish,Spring is going to the door。
“If you really miss,He is under your feet”
Wooden pills a shock。
He looks up,Spring has disappeared。
He went out,At foot?
Looking at the god tree covering the sky,He seems to understand what?
A drop of tears slipped instantly。
Chapter 44 Pay attention
Sky Parliament for a long time,Actually, it began to pay for the illegal force in the endurance.。
And just inform countries cooperation,There are no rooms for business.。
Many illegal power is actually related to the upper level of each country.,Everyone knows the same thing.。
Just not,Nobody。
But I didn’t expect to attract the attention of the Sky Parliament.。
This is a bit troublesome.,This affects the interests of many people。
So these people are well combined with the action of the Sky Parliament.,Actually,Also just hide these illegal power deeper。
Attempt to mix。
Anyway, the Sky Parliament is powerful,But the power of force is not large.,Not so much time to investigate。
In addition to Naruto,All Members are concentrated in the conference room。
Ning Ji carefully looked at the report,Reports from all countries have made him somewhat dissatisfied。
Throughout the article is a song,And actually doing something is very small.,Obviously, it can be seen in perfunctory。
“What is the situation in the village?”Ning asked。
“Because of the village,But after all, it is the illegibility of the country.,I have encountered a lot of obstructions.”I love。
Compared to those politicians,The arrangement of the various rigid villages is still quite cooperated with the Sky Parliament.。
But they did not enforce,Also wanting to see the attitude of the Sky Parliament。
“really,Don’t try it without knowing,This is only for a long time,Someone does not put the sky parliament in the eyes.”Ningxing said faintly。
All Members have not spoken,They all look at Ning。
“I command,Concentrated all warriors,Boat,Start payment for all illegal power,Dare to block,kill”
the last one“kill”Word,Everyone’s face has changed。
The Sky Parliament basically does not interfere with the internal affairs of all countries.,So overbearing orders or the first time。