“And humans can study stronger weapons。”Yeah also laughs:“senior,We go to the gods,Can you bring people??”

“Generally, people who do not recommend non-related people,Because you enter the gods,Definitely being trunched。”White man:“But if you really have a strong weapon,You can also bring a little。”
“Such weapons we will not make。”Lin Feng bitter laughs:“We must take many technicians。”
“it is good,it is good,This is determined by you。”White man sighs:“I haven’t been going to the earth for a long time.,I only know that there are fewer and less people who come to the temple.,Especially close500year,Listen to you,Human civilization development change direction,Martial arts weakness。”
“senior,This world we will inevitably revitalize Wu Dao,Technology is also vigorous。”Lin Feng looked at the white man:“There is also something about the magic pattern.,The seniors know how much?Is there a thorough solution??”
NS1201chapter Array
“no,Only defeating yourself。”White man smiled and shakes his head:“But the little girl is going to the magic lotus,Still have a chance,If you don’t give up,I am afraid this life has no chance.。”
“She has gone。”Lin Feng sizes,He took out the magic lotus between talking.。
“it is good,it is good,Sure enough, there is a big wisdom.。”White man staring at the magic lotus:“This magic is still left on her breath.,Hello, save,After the gods,Maybe it is helpful to find her.。”
“Thank you for your predecessors.。”Lin Feng heard a respectable。
“There is also the soldiers, you can’t bring it up.。”White man:“Leave it for later,Maybe one day they will use,Some of you to the gods is the resource refinery。”
“it is good,My three gods are left in the lower bound。”Lin Feng heard the words,He hopes to come to Yeah,Shangguan Yuxi and others。
“We also leave。”Yeah,Brahma,Shangguan Shu Yue and others heard the words,I finally agreed to this matter.。
“God,In particular, the soldiers in your hands are the reliance of your survival in the god.。”White man is looking at everyone:“Do you know why the soldiers can make powerful power??Especially in your hands, you can explore the power of surpassing both realms.,Also responded。”
“This is soaked in the blood of the whole day, the blood。”Lin Fengnan explained。
But now Lin Feng said this sentence.,But I found this explanation unreasonable。
“Seems wrong,But it is the only explanation we know.。”Brahma Wen said to the next。
“It seems that the news you get is incorrect.。”White man frown:“Or you break chapter,When the god soldiers are quenched, they must be soaked with the blood of the strong.,Integrate into a strong Yuan Shen,However, the power of the gods explosive is not because of these,These are just auxiliary role.。”
“Assist?The main role is?”Lin Feng and others doubts。
“Array,This godman has a mailing。”White man explains:“Your power is injected into which,Enlarged by array。”
“so it is。”Lin Feng,Yeah,Brahma and others heard a righteous understanding,This explanation is reasonable。
“Of course, when refining the soldiers,Need to be integrated into the gods。”White man explains:“Yuan God is not strong,The god soldiers in your hands are divided into two levels.,The first level does not need Yuan God,The second grade of the soldiers need to integrate the Yuanshen who condenses the heart of the king,Of course, the kings among those eras are also good.。”
“So, the gods of the gods into the level of the emperor,God soldiers are not more powerful?”Lin Feng asked。
“I said this is just auxiliary materials.,Mainly a mailing,We have named this array of three.,Nine yuan。”White man explains:“So you want to refine the words of the gods,Must be familiar with the inscription of these two array。”
“Three array,Nine yuan。”Lin Feng heard the words:“strangeness,Why don’t we know??It should be passed down by pressing。”
“I am afraid it is worried that we will kill each other.。”Yeah’s quiet road。
“This explanation is also reasonable,The martial art is getting worse and weak,If it is reintelous to each other,I am afraid the martial arts inheritance will collapse。”White man listening to the explanation of Yeah:“I am now in the top of the head.,Inject these two array,In addition to the diamonds, there are many refiners.。”
“it is good!”
Lin Feng,Yeah chaotic and other people heard the words。
The white man heard his figure came up.,Heart skyrocket,This breath is like a sea,Deeply,His big hand is like Thunder from Lin Feng,Yeah,Shangguan Yue, etc.。
I haven’t waited for Lin Feng and others to react.。
There are many inexplicable familiar feelings in their minds.,It seems that they once refined the gods.,It seems to experience the same thing,They feel that the nine-yuan array and the three-life array will be arranged.。
“You must work hard to practice。”White man reminded:“Several of you is too weak on the front.。”
“Senior,We are sure diligent practice。”Lin Feng asked:“senior,Can we go to the goddess??”