instead,This should be seen as being,High point again set off the previous pave。

In the picture,After killing Hiwi,The situation in Lu Xian and Buron has not been there there soon。
Their current position,Is closerG2Defense tower position。
If,They want to go back to their own tower,Then there is only one way。
Is to sweep all the obstacles in front of them,Killing the Buron and Zhao Xin, who freshes it in front of them。
In this situation,IGThe next two people don’t need too much communication.,The tacit understanding between each other and the literacy of a professional player itself,Let them know what you should do next.。
Buron is directly to the cattleQ,Compared to Zhao Xin,The coward closer is obviously the goal of him should block at this time.。
Lu Zi’an’s flatAandQSkills are also again,Passive flatAAfter being filled, the cattle is directly dizzy.。
certainly,At this time, the cattle head is still a big move.。
Dram,Niu He directly opened a big trick,Then continue to the direction of Lu Zi’an。
Palace clear,Into my big trick directly,Start to take the crowd head to shoot up。
at the same time,He continues to retreat,Can’t drive to yourself in the first time with Bao Niu。
Bull’s blood volume,It is also flying in this process.。
【Collar red envelope】cashorCoin red envelope has been issued to your account!WeChat attention Public No【】receive!
Because he is the equipment,There is only one five-speed shoes。Even if it is opened,It is absolutely not very flesh.。
Chapter 163 IGRhythm
And the blood loss of the cattle is fast,His decisions should not help but hesitate.。
If you continue to go on the big move,I am afraid that he hasn’t waited for him to go to Lu Zi’an.,I have to violate myself.。
I saw Zhao Xin, who was half-step behind him.,The cattle thought,Still slightly。
But just to avoid the front,Let Zhao Xin first on top。
Lu Zi’an suddenly ended his own big trick release,and,Potting a passive flat on the body of the cattleA。
?Who can I forbe?
The mentality of the cattle is ignited.,Directly toward Lu Xi’an,thinkWQFly。
After all, in order to look back.,Lu Zi’an has already entered the cattleWQThe range is within the scope of。
See this chance,How can the cattle head?。
andIGMass,The sound of the palace clear。
“Blue brother,The big move left to Zhao Xin。”
Buron’s big move before this,It has not been used yet。
After all, this wave fight,The situation is too changing,baonAlso don’t have the opportunity to use。
After hearing the words of the palace,baonOriginally has been suspendedRHand on the button,Then I gave upRPlan。
The situation is very critical now,CrisisbaonSome panic in my heart。
But the command of the palace clear,He is the consciousness to choose to listen。
Pointing the mouse to Zemian,Cattle headWQAlmost in the moment。
but……And cattle managerWadidThe difference is different from。
Bullhead in the picture,I didn’t have a distance from it.,将 锡 安 安 安。
Instead, I put it directly.Q,It seems like Lu Zi’an, who is not far away.。
And all witnessed this wave of operationLPLaudience,Almost at the same time, I joked a voice.。