Duan Lan wants to refuse,Zhu Minglang said:“The great teaching is also sincere,Otherwise, Lin Kuang’s business,He will always feel guilty,Teacher Duan Lan doesn’t want to make it difficult to do the teaching。”

Duan Lan hesitated for a while,Finally accepted。
“Duan Lan,These days you are running around for the affairs of Lichuan College,Maybe you haven’t strolled around the sights of our Supreme Court,I will walk with you?”Han Wan showed friendship,Take the initiative to take Duan Lan around。
“OK。”Duan Lan rarely smiled。
Han Wan and Duan Lan left the Meilin Tea Room,In the tea room, Zhu Minglang and the teachings are left。
Zhu Minglang also knows that the teachings are for discussion,It wasn’t Lin Kuang’s absurd behavior that day,He has already stated。
“That day, we were following the Sea Eagle King,In fact, it’s also because we need to get an ancient artifact from its site,This ancient artifact is called Zhenhai Bell。Originally we already had a master willing to help us,But he was injured and needs recuperation,I’m afraid it’s too late,Missed opportunity,It will be difficult to succeed,So we would like to invite you,Help us get this ancient artifact,Of course we won’t let your Excellency take risks in vain,What do you need,Can speak,We will try our best to satisfy。”Lin Zhao said seriously。
“The great teaching says so,I’m also welcome。I need Huangwo,If the great teaching can provide me with this,I can assist you。”Zhu Minglang said straightforwardly。
Lin Da teaches that character should be fine,It’s just a son with a brain problem。
As for what Lin Da taught,It’s not that I can’t agree。
Tiansha Dragon King has eaten and drank enough recently。
Need to move the bones!
(Unexpectedly,And this fifth chapter~~~~~~~)