The sense wind on the face of the old man disappeared,Converting is a mixed complex。

“Thinking,Among them,Can be summarized as eight words,Tree big strike,Bad single。”
The old man’s love is looking at Liu Qingqing,“There is a thing of the world that shocks the world.,Is our Li family promoted,At that time, Li Jia, can be said that it is very prosperous.,Be paid,Eight parties,Too much……In fact,This is a surface phenomenon,It will make many people feel too much.。”
Toned,Also,“One another,We Li Jiaren Ding Single,Every generation is single,At that time, you happened to your mother.,A woman,So I took the golden basin,Noise。”
He looks straight into Liu Qingqing,Gently sigh,The scorpion is surging,“And your mother has gone again.,Foreign public is not heavy,Because the woman can also take charge of Li Jia,More than you,Do you want you to roll into this rotation?,Even the public should be careful,If you can’t fall in,Needless danger。”
“I just think that my granddaughter can have a lifetime of peace.,Even if I am dead one day.,No people dare to be difficult for you。”
Merely,His old face has a smile。
This smile,There is a bitter and self-lapse,There is also a shot of fortune and gratifying。
“But I didn’t think,You have encountered this kid,Time to live。”
Welcome Liu Qingqing curious attention,“You may not know,The father of this kid,I have been here to mention,And I promised。”
Liu Qingqing,Fettle。
Reaction,“Grandfather,You,You said that he is his father in summer.……”
“Right。”The old man’s eyes blinds a slight unfortunate,Expressive disappearance,“Originally, we plan to,After he returned to return,Arrange you to meet,But there are many changes in it.,In the end, the boy left the army directly.,Go abroad,Have he told you these?”
Liu Qingqing nodded,Even she,At this moment, it also implies the strange face.。
“He told me,In order to give a loved ones。”
“Yes,That kid is really unexpected。”
The old man means deep and one sentence,Not in depth,But return to the topic,“You can still meet somewhere in the,And come together,You say this is not fate,It is not God。”
Liu Qingqing’s heart suddenly give birth to a wonderful mood also kind of hard to implicit。
“When you’re with him,I know,Sooner or later you will not know the difference at the Li family。”
The old man smiled,Snappily,“That kid was a trouble spirit,But……He is indeed very good,Then your grandfather a hint of style。”
“Maternal grandfather,That has such glory in my?”
Liu Qingqing Puchi also echoed the laugh,Once again way soon,“If the former, then,I might very shocked,But now it feels as it should be,He and I may have experienced many dangerous things because of it。”
Unequal elderly,She quickened Speed Road,“This is why it now?”
She pointed to the bottom。
“Come on!”
Ye Ming eyes flashed Lise,Sneered the summer rush hook the hook finger,“Let me see your fists is not also your mouth as hard。”
Young people around the suddenly loud clamor echoed,Sneer again and again。
They know,Ye Ming realm, although the peak level of God,But combat capability is not unusual for the level of God can be compared。
He has touched the threshold to Gang,Called quasi-Gang is not an exaggeration to。