IGFifth election,Locked Akari。

This hero is elected.,LetTOPThe expression on the coach is a bit helpless.。
no way,banA total of five,He is impossible to be limited in this limitedbanIn place,willIGEveryone’s absolute fierce is good。
TOPLast hand,Then let the original feelTOPofBPMade of ironTOPThe fans made a breath。
BecauseTOPFifth hand,The lock is the captain.。
This means that this means,This Jess did not give it again.369,Instead, it is swayed.Knight。
Mogana’s belongs,Also clearly,Indeed to the roadterBuron。
Hereed,BPend,The lineup on both sides also determined。
Blue squareIGline-up:Lodge、Play wild blind、China Singa Akari、ADCBig mouth、Auxiliary Buron。
Red squareTOPline-up:Single captain、Wild wine barrel、China Shan Jess、ADCViruz、Assisted Mogana。
After the two sides selected such a lineup,This is destined to get it.。
AllIGAfter the Navern has got this three heroes,It is a person who is familiar with them.,I can know how they will do this.。
andTOP,Facing thisIG,Even if you select a single-on-order that needs to be developed。
But sometimes,I have to be forced to fight。
So,existBPYinIGOne-handedTOPLaid down,It is full of satisfaction,In the early stage, the banner of peace development。
Palace Qing Wen and Liu Qingsong are willing to peace and development。
The hero chooses the heroes in the middle of themselves,Obviously it is necessary to play a good,They do work in the middle and late.。
So,Lower rhythm,It’s quite a bit of wind and Japanese.,Spring blossoms free sense。
Both sidesADCIn this situation,There are very few things to change blood.,Just do your best to make a knife,Strive for a knife。
The auxiliary of both sides is regular,Will get a few skills,I hope to change blood,Some advantages on the line。
Whenever this time,Both sides of the knifeADC,I have to stop my own knife rhythm.,Choose ah aid to a new partner。
After each each other is next,The two sides quickly opened,Retracence into the holiday mode。
Under the leisure comparison of next way,The situation in China is particularly tragic.。
if we assume,The line of the road is the rising sun and wind in the Southern Isle.。
So Zhong Yen,It is a center battlefield of a gunfire roar.。
Competing time3Minute15second,Blindness directly came to the road to carry out a wavegank。
even if369After selecting the captain,It’s been cautious about the line.。
IntheshyExquisite acting and pulling,He is stillngQAfterward,Have to hand over your own flash。
And his blood volume,I have to go back to the city.。
Backward369,Looking at the war lines that are about to advance to their own tower,Even if you are in your heart,But I still have to hand over my ownTP。
This wave,ngIt is directly played.369Dual call。
Blindness,Wine barrel is not idle。
Almost the captainTPMeanwhile,Wine barrels come to the middle roadgank。
but,rookieCompare369,Obviously experience more old,Operation is also more mature。
Facing the wine barrelEflashgank,rookieSee the operation,Direct decisive hand over your own flash。
I don’t put the opportunity to take my bloodline at all.。
Open in the past,It is directly to play three summoner skills on the line.。