Lu Haocheng looked at the Tao Meng Yi mother female outside.,光 闪 出 光 光 光。

His and Blue Xin come in,There is no one else。
Blue Xin said to wait for a while,Now he seems to understand why she is waiting for a while.。
She seems to see what this mother wants to do.?
He is a long body,Gasproof,Appearance,When he is watching, he is staring at the blue hand on the hands of Blue House.,I think about Lin Xin just said.,His heart is always excited to jump straight。
NS80chapter:Mu Ziyi This time this time is good.

NS80chapter:Mu Ziyi This time this time is good.
She lost some memories,This makes his heart,More than a few points。
Blue,This time,Let me find you,Be good?
Lu Hao is low,Looking at Blue Xin from time to time。
Blue Xin is also leisurely drinking tea。Looking at Lu Hao Cheng from time to time。
She originally thought,Lu Haocheng will ask her some questions.,Who knows,Jiang Lan Xin’s things,He didn’t ask him,But with her, there is no sentence to talk about other things.。
Looks like it is almost,Lu Haocheng looked at Blue Xin,Gaze,Sound line is clear:“Lady,Don’t mind let a restaurant?”
Blue Xin smiles,He,Positive and her meaning,She smiles:“Continental,Then go to other restaurants.!”
She understands Lu Haozheng,Jiang Jing, called a call,Even if you didn’t hear what she said,She also knows what the ginger mother wants to do.?
The two left in the case where the ginger mother did not pay attention.。
Lu Hao Cheng is also afraid of anyone know,He and Blue Xin have dinner together。
He just didn’t want him to bother with the Blue Xin’s dinner.。
He admitted,He is very interested in Lan Xin,Especially she has always given him a blue feel。
Another mother,Two things to merge,Lu Hao has a feeling that there is another kind of feeling that can’t open Blue Xin.。
Lu Haocheng took Blue Xin through a alley in the Times Square.,There is also a very good restaurant here.,The environment is better than the previous place.。
This time,Lu Haocheng directly entered the private room with Blue Xin。
After the two people,There is still a saying that no one is talking.,Wait for food。
Lu Hao Cheng’s WeChat rang several times。
He looked at the screen.,Is a message from Mu Ziyi,He has already talked to Le Yu over there.,Take tomorrow morning with Blueness to go to the km signing contract。
Lu Haocheng saw this news,The corner of your mouth evoke a touch of smuggling。
Mu Ziyi This time this time is good.。
Blue Xin is calm,From time to time, look at the window,Several monthly seasons opened very beautiful,Skunk in the evening wind,Delicious。
Lu Hao Cheng did not take the initiative to talk to her.,She will not open easily。
Lu Haocheng is in the information,She is also quietly sitting aside,Don’t bother him。
Although it is quiet in the room,Lan Xin felt in the depressed。
And the other side,When Gu Anan rushed to Jiang Jing, the restaurant said with the fastest speed.,But I didn’t see Lu Hao Cheng and Blue Xin.。
Gu Ansheng instantly blocked a breath.,Anger,Take the call of Jiang Jing。
Jiang Jing and Tao Mengyi have dining in another restaurant,On the second floor,Just you can see Lu Haocheng’s position,Mother and daughter want to look at the donkey。
Mother and daughter have not entered the private room yet,I received a call from Gu An’an.。
“Hey!”Jiang Jing, smiled, took the phone,She thought it was a call for Gu An’an.。