Great Jinfeng Taiwan,The sound of the needle and the sound can be heard。High performance and Gao Zhan are still calm,I can’t see anything on my face.。However, like a high,It’s been scared to have a wine glass.。

The outside of the wind is bigger,And the quiet contrast in the hall。
“God,This feast will always feel some taste.。Everyone is not as good as here, wait for him.,The ancestors should come back.。”
Gao Boi eating vegetables,Gao Yandong Zhang Xiwang,Duan Zhao sat upset,Gaozhen and Gao Zhan two people sitting,Higher ocean is on the main seat and waited for Erlangong legs.。
“His Majesty,I see that the weather is not good today.,It’s better to come here.。”
suddenly,Duan Yu got up and gave his hand to the high ocean proposal。
“The weather is not good?We are not outside 蹴。I will go to the ancestor tomorrow.,Today’s brothers reunite,What is wrong??There is no need to say。”
The suggestion of the high ocean is very unpleasant.。
He mean very well,That is waiting。Until the ancestor brings exact news。
Half time,The ancestors breathed the temple to Jin Fengtai。His clothes are wet,Just like it is just like a chicken soup.。
The ancestors are very funny and smashed.,Then arched on the high ocean:“The top party is very serious,Diarrhea vomiting。”
Really sick?This is also the coincidence of him.?
“What is medicine??”
Gao Yang asked coldly。
“Back,Everything has been arranged。”
“Um,Go back。”
After the ancestral,Gao Yang seems to be a bit of peaceful,The whole person has no spirit。
Everyone in the hall looked at each other,I don’t know where the ocean is now singing.。Gao Bao hooked hidden look at Gao Zhan,I really didn’t see the flaw.,Can only make。
“Allocate,Be scattered,I’m also lacking.。”
Higher Yang today’s move is a bit strange,But everyone here can only bury your questions in your heart.,After waiting,Slowly recall again,See,Brain。
“Jiuze,I have to tell you the trip to the ancestors tomorrow.。”
Gao Bo Yi just wants to go,But it is called high yang.。
The two people got on the top of the Golden Terrace,Gao Ye is still a calm face,Inclined!
“Nine,Have people around you!do you know,Everyone is not safe,In addition to you,Everyone in the following is suspected in this matter.!”
He tightly pulled Gao Baoyi sleeves,Like a drowning person seized a life-saving straw。
“Nine,Today, Japan is intended to take high-spirited.!I hide the soldiers in Jinfengtai,Just waiting for the high-spirited bastard to attack!As a result, he actually touched medicine.!
He actually preparation!
This is not the plan that the head can be thought of.,right,It is definitely a high-profile refers to his,definitely is!”
Gao Ying is caught in the moment of madness and anger。He has set a trap today.,I didn’t expect it to be seen.。Just how they know how they know??
Gao Yang feels that it is a problem with people around you.。
“His Majesty,Regardless of the party king and the long king plan,As long as they have not yet doing that,That is not good to catch their handle。
Take the thief,In this regard, we always passive。”
Listening to Gao Baoyi,Gao Yang nodded did not do,Slowly calm down。
Gao Bao continued:“Only a thousand days to do a thief,No thief。If minishen is estimated,Someone wants to do it.,I will definitely choose this road between Yucheng to Yingling.。
Most likely,When we go back!Because they have ambush in advance.,Now do it now,Tooother,Also too late。”
Gao Bo Yi is standing in the perspective of the enemy.,He likes the most likely to hurry on weekdays.。If you want to fight your own team,When I went, the army had just begun.,Fullness,Who is packing no one?!