“IGThe most terrible place in this team is,Whenever they are like,There is always one person to stand out.,SupportIGWinning the victory。”

The voice of the two people is unparalleled,These excited sounds also pass through the microphone in the ear of countless audience behind the screen.。
“Wuhu,Songbao is too handsome,This opening group,A batch of fierce。”
“I am telling the truth.,It’s too strong to find opportunities.,After seeing the opportunity, I will directly decisive.,Not givenTLAny reaction opportunity。”
“IGThe cooperation is also really beautiful.,After the cattle is open, you can directly react.。”
“In short, it’s time.,seriously,I am not worried.IGCan you enterMSIThe finals。”
Chapter 328 Take
This wave of team is over,IGThis will be accepted from this brush.。
In fact, from the end,TLIs it never feel,This wave of groups will be next。
After all, they start from the beginning,Nothing in the situation。instead,Their disadvantages are not small。
not to mention,They are in this case,No decisive group,But it isIGHand first。
This is the reason why they will be lost.,the most important reason。
Not justIGEveryone knows this,Even the audience outside the field,At this time, it also responded.,TLThis issue of this wave command。
after this,TLAlso seems to be aware of the problem, I realized my own problem.。
In short,In a long time,They have not continued to pick up the idea。
They are very clear,At this time,Their positive group defeat rate,It’s been less than 30%.。
so,In this time,IGConstantly invadingTLWild and http://www.szladpxerxnolv.cn horizons。
TLAnger, I don’t dare to say,Can only endureIGOne wave is a wave of excessive invasion。
Situation on the field,It is finally in this premise.,Gradually tend to calm。
Field20minute,IGLeading the third small dragon。
during this time,IGHave a lot of capture opportunities,pityTLBe too cautious,These opportunities have not beenIGCompletely transforming into an opportunity。
so,In the second Xiaolong and the third small dragon refresh for six minutes,IGThe head of the person。
In six minutes,IGOnly played two people,Also because a wave is too radical,Give itTLA human head。
Can imagine,TLin this period,How cautious play is。
but……This kind of caution,But it is impossible to continue.。
Because I came to the field20Minute,There is a game on the court.TLI have to care about something。
big dragon。
http://www.dnscname.cn TLCan be placed,You can settle in the wild area to a certain extent。Dalong,They are absolutely impossible to remove it.。
Because they are very clear,IGIn the case of Dalong,You can do this level to this extent。
Then when they got Dalong??
WaitIGWhen you get Darong,I am afraid that they launched a total,followed byTLThe defensive tower is pulled out.。
so,Regardless ofTLHow cautious performance in previous time。
After the Dalong refreshes,They have to put this unstable factor,Consider entering every decision on their fields。
IGAlso very clear,They know this time Dragon,Will become a crockedTLLifebed thing。
So after the Dalong refreshed,IGEveryone began a vision next to Dalong District,Also slowly will be the focus of the field,Transfer to the upper half of the wild area。
IGThe field of vision is constantly making,TLI have to consider counterattack.。
certainly,The counterattack here,Just just the field of view,Not related to group warfare。
TLVery ambient,Unless it is related to Dalong,Otherwise they do not have perfect opportunities,Is it absolutely not connectedIGComing out。
TLafter this,slowly,Extremely cautiouslyIGGrab the vision of Dalong District。
Time is after this,Slowly come to the field24minute。