Toned,Look at the seasonal,“Season,I heard that you hire a group of mercenaries.,But I still remind you,That person is very strong,Really very powerful,I used to kill him before.,But all failed。”

The hateful hatred flashed in the red eyes,Soon converge,Faint,“I know,But this time。”
Meng Chauling laughed,“Can now be a fist,According to two information,I only got a conclusion,The antique named summer,Just a Wufu,I am right.?”
“Yes,He can be played very much。”Longfei nodded。
Seasonal,“Besides,He and the Thunder of 宸 seem to be related,However, Meng Shao Please rest assured,I have controlled one person around the Thunder.,Will not hinder our plan。”
“That’s good。”
Meng Chauling nodded,Then I frowned,“Season lady,A few days ago, I heard that you contacted the golden home.,And ancient wind?”
“Yes。”Seasonal eyelids,“I want to join them.,But they don’t seem to be willing……”
Say,Laugh,“In fact, I want to see the lively.。”
“This is not surprising,Although they have contradictions with the summer,But after all, it’s not dead.。”
Meng Chauling’s voice is gentle,Temperament is very stable,“Then I originally agreed to join the Jinling Qin family.?Why also quit?”
Put in this way,Sihong is obviously anger,“Qinrui’s old fox learned that after you were alliances.,Immediately change the attitude,Obviously want to sit on the mountain。”
“Well……”Meng Chaoran sink,Immediately laugh,“Temporarily throw these,Tomorrow is my birthday,Well……I assure my two,I will gently stepping the ants of the summer.。”
“All this is Breek Shame.。”Season Red Road。
Longfei also attached,Just his depths of his scorpion,But it flashes a touch。
The big drama will start。
Really been waiting。summer,Your hybrid,See how you live this time!
NS544chapter Liu Qingqing Trial
Baihua Group,Security Department。
Summer leaning on a swivel chair,Blinking,Like sleeping nor sleep,Legs on the desk,The corner of the mouth is burning a burning cigarette,Smoke spits out from the mouth,Shield your cheeks。
He picks up the eyebrows,Look up。
The office door is quietly pushed,Take one person,Like a quick closing of thief,Then turn to the head,That is full of endless smiles。
“Miss me??”
baby face,Tone,And the contrast,It is Luo Qianjin。
Summer picking your eyebrows,Look at each other。
“what happened?I haven’t seen it for a few days.,What is this??Don’t know me.?”
Luo Qianjin came,Qiong nose fried,Since is angry,Go to the past,Reach your smoke to the smoke of the horns,A pair of eyes with a smile,“Um?I really don’t know me??”
“Yes,I do not know you,Who are you?”
Summer mouth hook a smile,Then I put Luo Qianjin into my own arms.,“Big noon,You ran to my office and hugged me again.,Say,What do you have any attempt?……”
Luo Qian Jin suddenly shymed,Symbolic job,Sorctic on the chest in the summer,Whiskey,“summer,sorry,I miss you,So I learned that you can’t help but see you after it.……”
“Sorry is me,What can I can’t give you?。”
After listening to this sentence,Luoqiao Jinjiao tremble,In the heart, I have a feeling of being very satisfied.。
“Do not,do not blame you,It is my voluntary。”
Finish,She breaksse from the summer arms,Stand up,“I will feel at ease you see you.,I,I am leaving……”
Summer picking your eyebrows,Some surprises。