“In fact, this time she is with me to come to the Sludish China.。”Lin Feng smiled and explained。

“One piece with you?”Liu Wei,Beninde,Beihai heard the words。
“Yes,I am with her now is a relationship.。”Lin Feng explained:“Just a long time in the island,She helped me,So I have to give her some vacuum nuclear technology now.!”
“Maple,You give her vacuum nuclear technology?”Beihai heard the words:“She won’t want to start a truth war.?”
“She does not launch a war,There are also other people to launch wars.。”Lin Feng sighed:“Now people in Qizhou 4 ocean,No one can set it out。”
“Hey。”Liu Wei heard the sigh:“Can you talk about it??Peaceful?”
“You think too simple。”Benin’s sigh:“Since ancient times, it is the biggest,No one can give up,In their view, if the seven continent four foreign oceans is unified,That will be http://www.yangfanlawyer.cn the great cause of the ancient。”
“Maple?Do you have this heart??”Liu Wei wrote seriously looking at Lin Feng Road。
“Honest,I want, too,This heart,Also very strong,But not impossible,If you let me choose,I would rather you will peacefully。”Lin Feng Jingjing。
“But you want to live peace of days.?Hey-hey,Even if you ran to Mars,Someone will do it off!”Benin is taking the road:“People in the investigation team have already found that the few days of your return is in the starry skyline.,Hey,I can’t imagine how you can come back.。”
“Because I am good.。”Lin Feng heard the mouth of the mouth to show a bitter smile。
“Yes,There are too many things on you.,If you have something,This seven-continent four people can come over,Turn you into the dead。”Ben Ningde:“This time you come back.,You look?How many countries come to http://www.ffgdkj.cn a good?Listen to the old leaves,People in the country of South Africa want to marry this。”
“South Africa?”Lin Feng heard the words:“Who gave marriage?”
“Of course marriage with your kid。”Benin is not a good way:“It is the daughter of the first big gold forces of South Africa.。”
“forget it。”Lin Feng directly shook his head back:“Our Qinglong Chamber of Commerce is now talented。”
“Maple,real,If it is possible,I hope you can marriage.。”Benin’s serious way:“The more you can stand to the Slutian, the better,In the process of competing for hegemony,Maybe you can decide the victory。”
“dad,no need,It is what they let you persuade me.?”Lin Feng shook directly:“I am going to Mars.,Cold and cold arbitrarily let the Qinglong Chamber of Commerce and the Poisonous Education,This matter is even,Other things are impossible。”
http://www.nmyikao.cn “Hey!”Ben Ningde sighed。
In fact, Benin doesn’t want Lin Feng marriage.,After all, Lin Feng is his own son-in-law.,But in the political man, he knows how many years.,Sometimes politically marriage is very important。
For example, when the early rise of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce,Tang Jia gives a help of Qinglong Chamber of Commerce?
If it is not seen in Tao Yao,What helps you with Tang Jia??What is the current five toxicism?,Can stand at your side?
“All right,I don’t worry about my business.,I am good。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at Beninde and Liu Wei.:“Puntle,What do you relax?,Especially 茜 姨,Shu Yin is now at least in danger,I always pay attention to her trend.。”
“I see。”Benin took the shoulder of Lin Feng:“Do well。”
“dad,The future of Bo Sai will definitely build a country。”Lin Feng smiled and looked at Ben Ningde Road.:“You have to help me,I don’t understand this.,And Li Shu who is disconnected,You will serve as heads of this new country in the future.。”
Good, Ben Ning is the secretary of the municipal party committee,Later, I decided that Benin was a pro-agency.,But Beninde did not have this heart,Then I will move it later.。
Beninde Wen Xi Haha smiled:“I have no such thing.,Still,You let the old or Lao Li,Or you directly,You are best suited for this country.,No one can oppose。”
“I still count.,My main task is to practice,Too many customs delayed practice。”Lin Feng sizes:“Still handed over to you,When you need a fist, call me again.。”
“no,Maple,I want to build like ancient times.,Such as Datang,Qin Qin,Han!”Ben Ning suddenly looked at Lin Feng Road seriously.。
“dad,forget it。”Lin Feng smiled and shook his head。
“I want to be like this.,The same is true in my heart,Because this is all you played.。”Beninde looks serious。
“dad,Let’s talk later.。”Lin Fengnan shook his head。
“Ok,Maybe I think too selfish。”Benin Delhi said that he laughed。
“dad,I know that you are good for me.。”Lin Feng looked at Benin and laughed:“Do not worry,I will handle this problem.。”
“In fact, this is also other elders programs.,I am just a representative asking you.。”Benin laughs。
“correct,Maple,Let Yao Yao live here.,I take care of her.。”Liu Wei soft channel:“Just n’t live around you,Can take some point。”
“Go back, ask her.。”Lin Feng smiled and said:“mom,Working less thanks,Nothing to spend more。”
“I see。”Liu Wei heard some heads。
“The situation of Shu Yin is getting better and better.,She also shot on the Taishan,Prove that she has no gain。”Lin Feng seriously:“Her things I will find ways to solve,You don’t worry.。”
Beninde,Liu Wei,Beihai three people heard a little bit。