Such,Mr. Qian wants to see you,So I specially sent me to ask the second lady.,Please be sure to enjoy the face。”

On the second night, cold and cold,“Are you a posture of being invited??
But also……I am being a businessman now.,Nothing to talk to your gang。”
Qian Ming frowned,The tone is cold.,“Second Miss,I am sincere, I invite you.,I hope you don’t want to lift。”
“If I don’t want it??”
Qian Ming is unscrupulous,Laugh,Cold channel,“Then I can’t help you.。”
Bamboo!More than a dozen cold youth,The muzzle of a black hole is aligned in the summer and the second night.。
Also aligned a few of the next night。
Facing the dark muzzle,The second night’s own faces,http://www.zldq888.cnHave anger。
“Qian Ming!What do you want to do?!”
“Try with you.!”
Qian Ming smiled。
Spi-face,“Second Miss,Please。”
The second night is not moving。
Didn’t care about those muzzles,But the eyes of exploration look at the summer。
“Is it so arrogant now??”
Asked in summer。
On the second night,“ButsksDifferent,After all, it is the biggest black gang of Hong Kong.,Almost one hand。”
Summer road,“If I guess a good thing,The so-called underground emperor,It seems to know some things……This is also good,Just use it。”
I heard the words of summer,Qian Zhendong is slightly confused。
His thought that summer is the second night of bodyguard,The equal conversation of two people make him aware of different。
Now,He coldly,“Boy,What are you abolished?……”“Originally, I still want Mujia’s old hybrid a few days.……”Summer interrupted him,Continue,“It seems that there is no need.。”
Merely,His eyes finally turned to Qian Zhendong,Faint,“Since it is invited,Then there must be an invigilance attitude,Instead of you, this kind of gun,This way,I will give you a chance.,Let the so-called underground emperor come here to see me。”
First2006Chapter When
When summer is tone,Say this,Suddenly let everyone in the field slightly hairdress。
All look at him with a gifted eyes.。
Who is this guy?。
Be idiot。
In front of him,It is more than 50sksElite,There are more than a dozen guns and hand tigers.。