But in thisQTrigger one moment,original“Da da da”Human horse rushing to the big worm,Suddenly transferred the horse head。

Skate thisQSkill,And the big bug is in an instant, it is necessary to suffer。
Among the royal,I have been busy over the top of my own flash.。
But horses,But there is no intention to let him go.。
Ball with a ball andESkills accelerated horses,Still not spend more than1second,In itEThe moment to disappear,I stepped on the body of the big bug.。
The thick horseshoe with incomparable momentum,I flew Cocoss, I can only say that the childhood is in the early age.。
And the horse horses Cogas to the wall while,I also played a big injury。
See,Egate, which has been detached from the flying state,Direct flashEJust released the worms of the wall。
I have escaped the fly that was originally close to the excavator.,Also let the big worms are more likely to escape。
Wu Gui’s voice is close to the voice,Also, for this wave of the rushing, the junction.。
And in two people surrounded,There is no flash of big worms,Naturally, it has lost an opportunity to escape.。
And the excavator is prepared to withdraw,But I found the Cinderra with the bag.。
have no choice……Excavator has to useETraverse。
So,This river crab battle,In terms ofEDELeave the head,And lost river crabs as ending,Fall into a curtain。
But as the current andIGYFirst team,EDEHow can it be so stuffed to eat a big loss??
5Minute15second,In the perspective of God of God。
EDEChina Sands,After pushing a wave line,Going back directly to the tower,It seems to be ready to return。
andIGYMedium,After seeing the next wave of war lines,It seems that this information is also believed.。
after all,Curz now,There is only half of blood,There are not many blue quantities.。
So,Schindra after the push of this wave,Also selected backhand。
But in the perspective of the audience,I have already returned to Ruz under their own tower.,But there is no backhand。
But a quiet,Directly and hopped in the wild,Then http://www.lijibangbangji.cn get caught in the brushF6Hoe。
At this time,Schindra has returned to spring water,I have already begun to choose equipment。
so,Human horse caught by two people,Is isolated without helplessness。
ExcavatorESkills digging,No waitingESpeed up,Excavator directly flashes。
Zhao Yi’s Lord Sands is also flashing,Output,Also subsequent control。
then,No flash,Even the opportunity to struggle,Directly killed with two piffles。
“I rely on……Is it not going back??What is this??”
Wu Gui is a bit angry,Just successfully showed a wave of him,Some are immersed in their own perfect operations,As a result, it was turned to death in the wild area.。
“Correct……sorry,mine,I did not notice。”
Yang Shu’s apology sounds,Obviously some of the voice of Wu Gui is shocked.。
“it’s okay no problem,This wave can’t blame you.,Mainly, http://www.yaliliangjing.cn he is too lie.。”
Wu Gui’s reaction is also very fast,I know that I have just angered it.,Soon I apologize。