No, but there is no need to worry,Even in Shao Vohai looks。

Next,Just need it here,Quiet wait for good news, you can。
As for other things,Shao Viohe itself,It is not too serious to get angry.。
So here,Shao Vohai, the whole person is very proud。
Such a thing,What yourself,In fact, it is already completely expected.。
And Shao Viohai thought for a moment in his heart.。
“but,Although it is said,But everything has exceptions。”
“So next,Cannot prevent!”
When the heart of Shao Viohai thinks these,Look again in front of you again。
obviously,Such a thing,How should I solve it?。
at this point,What yourself,In fact, it is already completely placed.。
As for Shao Viohai,The more you look, the more I feel very funny.。
“You will go to explore it first.,Take a look at other families,What attitude is it?。”
Know each other,Can better win。
So now,Shao Viohe,Also think so。
After all, this matter,Itself,In fact, it has been fully placed.。
Next words,I should start from what aspect。
These things,Actually look,Still completely, this is necessary to handle processing.。
As for Shao Viohai?,It is more and more feeling.。
Start now,This matter itself,Still completely, this is necessary to solve it as soon as possible is a good thing.。
“very good,However, since everyone feels so。”
“Since it is the case,So now,to me,This Shenxuan,Poor is a very good goal!”
The words of Shao Viohai,It is even more than others.。
If now,Really said something,Surface looks on the surface,It is also true.。
But don’t know why,Shao Viohe,Always feel,What is like missing。
“never mind,I can’t think of what I can’t think of it now.,Still first, etc.。”
When Shao Vio’s heart is thinking,The more like this,For the current,I should start working from what respect to what.。
Alert, \\app \\ Really good,Worthwhile,Actually Android Apple mobile phone support!
obviously,How should this?,In fact, these things,The hearts of Shao Viohai very well。
“Calculate time,It should also be almost almost。”
There should be some families can’t stand it.,Come and find them to cooperate.,if not,Exactly,like,Still not right。
Chapter 331,Can cooperate
Just in Shao Viohai, it is a little bit of a little bit of eyes.。
For the yellow family,In fact, they,It is also planning this matter。
In fact, they,Don’t do this at all。