Wenzhou: Implementing a residential project social supervision

Original title: From the construction to delivery, the full-cycle supervision journalist learned from the Wenzhou City Housing and Construction Bureau that the city’s "Notice on the Social Supervision of Residential Project" has been officially released and implemented.

This marks that the owner can achieve all cycle supervision from the construction to delivery of the house quality.

  How to participate in residential project supervision activities? For quasi-owners, you can participate in the open day activities of the site of the responsible subject organized by the company’s joint projects. "Notice" stipulates that the construction site should be arranged in weekends or holidays as much as possible, and at least 10 days in advance to send an invitation.

In principle, the grinding house projects at least one site open day event, at least two listings. At least twice in all decoration items, at least three listings, and strive for every set. In addition to opening up the site, experts and ordinary citizens can also supervise through the Citizen Supervision Mission. The "Notice" stipulates that the citizen supervision group needs to take 1-2 people related to the relevant professionals of the city, county, two-level housing and urban and rural construction; "Wenzhou City Construction Engineering Quality and Safety Social Supervisor" determined by the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau The list of 3-5 social supervisors were extracted, and the quality and safety of the construction site was examined and measured at a certain requirement. The Citizen Supervision Mission activities have been carried out 3-4 times a year. Each supervision must not be less than 2 projects, and time is controlled within 1 day.

  In addition, the industry association can also conduct supervision activities for construction quality of residential projects by playing their own professional advantages.

For industry associations, supervision mainly includes pile foundation projects, foundation pit projects, waterproof engineering, installation engineering, structural engineering, etc.

A supervision report is required to form a supervision report to the administrative department. The oversight is currently at least once every half year.

  The relevant person in charge of the Municipal Housing and Construction Bureau said that the results of the three activities supervision have certain effect. If there is more responsible subjects of the illegal violations, it is listed as a key supervision object, and its construction will be increased daily supervision and intensity.

The subject of responsible responsible for the action is not active and effective, the municipal housing construction department will give credit assessment deduction, media exposure, notification criticism, and cancel the evaluation of the preceding evaluation. (Editor: Jin Zhongyao, Dai Qian).