Polishing "One Cartoon" special governance Sichuan business card

Original title: Polishing "One Cartoon" Special Governance Sichuan Business Card November 1

Wang Yanfei, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Secretary of the Provincial Commission, and the director of the Provincial Supervision and Commission, attended the meeting and speaking, emphasizing the "one cartoon" special governance work, cherishing the results, and promoting special governance, letting the party The people of the people were rooted in the Sichuan grassroots. The meeting pointed out that after more than three years of hard work, the provincial county three-level Huimin Hui Nong’s financial subsidy fund "one card" regulatory platform is fully built, the party’s good policy is implemented, the people’s acquisition is significantly increased, and the province Huimin Huihui The number of petitions in the farming and visits continued to decline, and "a cartoon" has formed a beautiful business card in our province to strengthen grassroots governance and strengthen grassroots supervision. The meeting emphasized that it is necessary to press the responsibility and continue to do a good job of "one card" special governance work.

The Commission for Discipline Inspector should continue to play a good urge to promote the role. The financial department should give full play to the leading role. The competent authorities must "species responsibility", clarify the special person, and effectively fulfill the subsidy project management, sunshine approval system management, subsidies Fund supervision responsibility. To strengthen platform application management, from next year, all Huimin Hui farmers will be approved by Sunshine Approval System, and the Sunshine Distribution System is issued. Each member unit should increase data sharing, technical support, and ensure efficient and safe operation of the system.

To consolidate the expansion governance results, promote the "one card" experience and apply to other project fund management supervision. Up to now, "One Cartoon" regulatory platform has built 29 provincial subsidies and sunshine examination and approval systems for 773 city counties, which can fully realize Huimin Hui Nong’s finance subsidies Sunlight approval, sunshine distribution, sunlight supervision (Sichuan Daily full media Chen Song) (Editor: Yuan Yu, Luo Wei) Sharing let more people see.