[Under the guidance of Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristics "· In-depth study and promotion and implementation of the Party’s 19th China Plenary Session spirit]

· Lightning News November 17th, November 16th, the "Resolution of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Communist Party of the Communist Party and Historical Experience" and General Secretary Xi Jinping announced on the "resolution".

Shandong party members and cadres are seriously studying, and they are exciting, and they have said that they have to test out a good grade on the second hundred years of struggle.

Looking back at the hundred years of party history, the journey is magnificent, standing in the new historical starting point, comprehensively summarizing the major achievements and historical experience of the party’s hundred years, especially the major achievements and historical experience of reform and opening up for more than 40 years, both objective needs, also have Subjective conditions. The third historical resolution, the first two historical resolutions of the party, both of them, and advanced with the times. Deputy Director of the Socialist Institute of Socialism, Shandong Province, Professor Ji Xiuhua, said: "The" Resolution "summarizes history, based on the bottom, Huiyi future, put the regularity of history and the future forward-looking plan, which is both Contains the successful experience of the party’s 100-year struggle, also indicated the bright future and fundamental follows. "Chen Bin, a professor of the Philosophy of the Shandong Provincial Party School (Shandong Administrative College), said:" The focus summed up the party’s 18th National Congress. Original idea, transformative practice, breakthrough progress and iconic results, which further promotes the unified ideology, unifying will, unified action, and has a significant practical significance and profound history. "The Shandong Provincial Party Committee Yan Xuanchuan, Division, said: "It is also a centralized reflection of our party’s right party history.

Our party is a high emphasis on history, good at summing up historical experience, is also particularly good at conjunctivation of the whole party will, reflect the vitality and powerful Marxist political parties of the whole party consensus. Zhou Qian, associate professor, deputy professor of the Party School of the Shandong Provincial Party Committee of the Shandong Provincial Party (Shandong Administration), said: "It reflects that our party attaches importance to the high political consciousness of the use of historical laws, revealing the ‘In the past, why can we succeed, how do we can Continue success’ deep truth, and also reflects our party and firmly remembering the mission, followed by self-confidence and responsibility. "One of the years, long-term graduation.

The "resolution" is a political declaration of the Chinese Communists in the New Era, in mind the initial mission, insisting and developing socialism with Chinese characteristics. It is also a guide to the future, and create a guide to the great revival of the Chinese nation.

Sun Huachen, a researcher of Shandong Provincial Government Development Research Center, said: "The" Resolution "fully highlights our party for the Chinese people, the initial mission of the Chinese nation, inspired the province’s cadres and the masses to condense, and stroke, business entrepreneurship The spiritual strength is the important follow-up and action guide for Shandong to achieve ‘three walks in front’. "Director Zhou De Lu, Director of the Shandong Academy of Social Sciences, said:" The whole "resolution" is reflected in the people-centered At the beginning of the child, the mission is a historic, program sex document, which is a very era, and social appeal, helping the whole society to form a more powerful political cohesiveness. "National labor model, Weihai Wen Dynasty, Li Village Wang Wenshui, secretary of the Party Branch, said: "As a Communist Party member, I will keep in mind the initial and mission, continuously promote Western paralysis optimization and soil improvement, service and driving the whole village people to make a big stronger." National Model Teacher, no Zhang Zhenhai, Vice President, Second Advanced Middle School, Qi County, said: "To learn from the history of the 100-year party, we must use the Lidshu people as a fundamental task, and cultivate new people who serve as the national revival of Dagua." China Summary summary "China The historical experience of the Communist Party of 100 years is the spiritual wealth of the party and the people.

Shandong Party Members and cadres have said that they have to cherish and have long-term adherence, and they are constantly rich and developed in the practice of new era. Zhao Dongqiang, secretary of the National Deep, Hao Hao Village, Zhonghai District, Zibo City, said: "Deeply understand the ten" valuable experience, give full play to the leading role of party members and cadres, firmly confidently develop rural industries, and fully promote the revitalization of rural villages During the rushing path, I greater. "Wang Jian, director of the Dezhou Finance Bureau, said:" Our financial department will further play the foundation and important pillar effects in the new journey, develop economy, improve people’s livelihood, so that the development is more quality Make the masses more gain. "Jiao Mingwei, Party Secretary and Director of Qingdao Marine Development Bureau, said:" Actively integrated into the ocean strong country, the construction of ocean strong provinces, focusing on the construction of modern marine city goals, speeding up the construction of the International Ocean Science and Technology Innovation Center, the world Five centers such as the modern marine industry center, courageous marine pioneer.

Wang Shiling, secretary of the National People’s Congress, Shandong Langitian Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Said: "We witnessed Linyi from the revolutionary old area of ??the ‘boat car" to the business famous city, next, we have to take the lead in understanding "resolution "The spirit, actively practice the concept of new development, and constantly explore important instructions toward modern logistics."

"National Advanced Grassroots Party Organization, Zhang Zhi, Party Secretary of Weifang Power Supply Company, said:" Adhere to the people’s first, put the ‘people’s electricity industry to the people’ into mental blood. "

Our 217 party members service teams have carelessness, wind and rain, and fully satisfy the people’s good life and electricity demand, serve the party and national working overall situation, and serve local economic and social development. ".