[Photos] Forbidden City, the Forbidden City, the Chinese Museum Museum, is exhibited.

People’s Network Beijing February 9th, for the upcoming Xinshi New Year, the Palace Museum will hold "Good luck – the Forbidden Palace Museum of Museum" in the Shenwumen Exhibition Hall on February 10th to May 9th, the exhibition 3 Month.

Ruyi, also known as "Holding the Jun" "Talk", the ancient dish, the bone, angle, bamboo, wood, etc. People, that is called "wish".

On the occasion of Han Dynasty, if it is intended to give more cultural meaning and functions, become a literati, a passionate, a clear tag, and the shape of the music is evolved into a cloud-style, bent neck and flat handle.

After the Song Dynasty, it is developed into indoor furnished products.

In the Qing Dynasty, the Qing Dynasty, with Ganoderma 2nd, the meaning of auspicious evil spirits, became the valuable thing to carry the beautiful desire to blessing.

If the court is highly respected in the Qing Dynasty, it is not only significantly to the appreciation, but also a symbol of power and wealth. Every time the court festival, the emperor, the royal wedding, etc., the ministers and the emperor are in the palace. The emperor rewards or gives gifts with local officials and foreign envoys, and often have a good appearance. The Palace Museum has more than 2,000 sorts, the styles of the Qing Dynasty, including jade, bamboo, metal, teeth, porcelain, etc. This exhibition specially selected 158 pieces (set) to show, strive to fully reflect, and the rich materials, beautiful shape, exquisite craftsmanship, and numerous themes.

The exhibition is divided into five units.

The first unit "jade wish", including four types of topical materials such as sesame, He Shou, Ming, and Xiangrui, highlighting the mainstream of jade material in the Qing Dynasty.

The second unit "bamboo and wood", divided into three categories such as bamboo, wooden and wooden handle, showing the taste of the literati’s Jaci case in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. The third unit "Metal Ruyi", showing the court with a good craft. The fourth unit "ninety-nine-nine", through a set of wishful concentrated display, reflecting the court festival and the emperor, the Queen’s birthday. The fifth unit "Other materials is as good", exhibiting the fine materials such as a categorium, coral, amber and other rare materials and the materials made of large paint, glass, ceramics and other materials.

Forbidden City in the Forbidden City, the auspiciousness is like a joy.

This exhibition is designed to focus on knowledge and interest, showing a beautifully pleasing handle, looking forward to the audience friends to understand the traditional festive culture in my country by watching the auspicious meaning, while transmitting pairs in a rich festive atmosphere Beautiful blessings in the Spring Festival.