Taishan "Stone Dare" "Mount" Moon

Original title: Taishan "Stone Dare" "Moon" Nearly, the International Astronomical Federation (IAU) is named "Stone Dare". It is understood that the stone is near the landing area of ??the landing area landing area landed last year.

The International Astronomy Federation is a non-governmental academic organization of Astronomical academic groups in the world. It is also the most authoritative communication institution in the international astronomic community. It was established in Brussels, Belgium in July 1919. There are currently 73 Member States, my country in 1935. The institution is added to the year.

The agencies are to organize academic exchanges in the international astronomy community, promote the cooperation of international astronomical fields to promote the development of astronomy. It is also an authoritative institution that is currently named by geographic markers on moon, Mars, etc. in the world.

Named the stone of the No. 5 moon is "Stone Dare". It is the International Astronomical Federation again to name the landmark near the moon in the moon this year. On May 19 this year, the organization has ratified my country’s 嫦The five places of landing area are: Type No. 5 landing area named a tacit base; 5 ring pits near the land point is Niu Xiu, Liu Hui, Shen Kuo, Song Yingxing and Xu Guangqi; land near the land point The two mountains were named "Huashan" and "Hengshan", respectively.

Stone Dare is also called Taishan stone dare, stone general, stone god, etc., the folks have "guarantee peace, the murder".

In some parts of my country and East Asia and Southeast Asia, "Stone Dare" has formed a culture, and many places have my myths, and as a traditional culture, "Taishan Stone dare to be" also selected my country’s first batch. National Intangible Cultural Heritage List. (Liu Tao Wang Yong) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.