Beautiful home, you, I am building! Ding’an County four leadership team members took the lead in "Chuangwen Creation" Cleaning Home Volunteer Service

On November 16, Ding’an Organization launched the 1221st environmental health remediation volunteer service activities to help provincial civilized cities and national health counties creation work.

At present, positive values ??create a critical moment of the province’s civilized cities and national health counties. On the afternoon, the county party secretary Liu Feng Song and other counties four team leadership members will drive, and they will take the streets and alleys with volunteers. The volunteer service teams of various contact points in the gridized responsibility area and the various communities of the town are went to the package community to carry out the cleaning home actions.

In the vicinity of the Shuizhou Square, Mei Zhishang Community, Dingcheng Town, Liu Feng Song went into the street shop, propaganda to the owner of the civilized business, and distribute the guardian publicity information to them, persuade the trading along the street, do not occupy the road, keep the store to clean and clean and tidy At the same time, call on the general public to act positively, and participate in the county’s creation of the creation, create a strong atmosphere of everyone, everyone’s actions, and set off the participation and creation of the new boom. Subsequently, Liu Feng Song and the public together with the cadres and the public, sweeping, shovel, etc. Chen Mingyong, the secret committee of the county people and Congress, Chen Mingyong, headed to the Jiangnan Community to carry out environmental health rectification volunteer service activities, and focus on improving the community environment and creating a clean and comfortable living environment for the community.

At the event, everyone actively plays not afraid of suffering, not afraid of tired spirit, holding iron shovel, cleaning, etc. The concentrated garbage in the community was concentrated.

During the event, many enthusiastic residents took the initiative to join the team of environmental rectification, practicing the spirit of volunteering, and promoted social positive energy.

The party group secretary of the county political decision and leads to the Mo Village community to carry out environmental hygiene rectification volunteer service activities.

In the event, everyone has tied to sweeping tools such as sweeping, 箕, etc., and lanssed the garbage of the community street, and actively cleared the "psoriasis" small advertisement, and encouraged the main shop to actively fulfill the "three bags" responsibility system. In order to establish a provincial civilized city and national health county, the construction of vitality and peacekeeping contribute to its own strength.

Li Chang, deputy secretary of the county party committee, took the team to the mountain community, carrying out environmental hygiene rectification volunteer service activities, and focusing on improving community environmental sanitation. At the volunteer service, everyone took a broom, 箕, shovel and other tools to do it, and cleaned up the sanitary corner of the streets, legged garbage, and actively clearing various types of chaos. After hard work, garbage has been effectively cleared, and the community environment is new. At the same time, in the county four sets of team leaders in other messensitating responsible areas, they also walked on the main roads of the county, back street alleys, parks, squares, etc., for the sanitary corners and left garbage Thoroughly clean up, clear all kinds of stocked doodle small advertisements, and distribute the "Create Civilized Health City to the Civilized Citizen Proposal" and "Civilized Tourism You are the scenery" and promote civilized new wind, promote civilized new winds, use actual Action propaganda, guiding the public to build a beautiful home.

In addition to the body of party members and cadres, nearby residents, sanitation workers are also actively joined in cleaning activities.

The relevant person in charge of the county civilization office stated that the environmental hygiene rectification volunteer service activities aimed at activities, effectively enhanced the actual effect of the creation of the creation of the creation, cultivating the vast volunteers to love the environment, and the noble quality of the home, continuously improve the health of the masses. Level, quality of life and social civilization, stimulate the consciousness and initiative of the whole people to participate in civilization, health cities.

It is reported that all departments at all levels will grasp the creation of the creation of the creation as a big thing, a hard battle, and the community is divided into 10 grid responsible areas, implement grid management, and ensure that they do not leave blank, and By establishing long-term mechanisms, forming normalization, grasping the co-management, promoting the county’s creation and creation, ensuring smooth visits to the field of civilized cities, and prepares the next step in the founding of the country to design, Clean, orderly, comfortable environment.