Chinese Academy of Sciences: Let all kinds of talents are talented, stand out

Realizing high-level technology self-improvement, and in the final analysis, it is necessary to rely on high level innovation.

Iron-based high-temperature superconductor research team, dark matter particle space detection team, quantum information technology research and development team, 500 meters caliber ball, telescope team … A large number of major original results compete, the silence and unremitting struggle of the innovation team.

As an important part of the national strategic science and technology force, the Chinese Academy of Sciences forged a group of high-level innovation teams and leading talents, stimulating all kinds of talents in innovation, providing powerful talent support for my country’s major scientific research.

"Looking at the world, scientific and technological strong country is a country that can cultivate, attracts and uses well-class talents." The relevant person in charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said we have to pay more attention to the self-cultivation of talents, and strive to create a group of top science and technology talents with world influence. At the same time, attract first-class talents in the first-class environment, build a high-rise innovation of the global outstanding talents. The Chinese Academy of Sciences established the Youth Innovation Promotion Association in 2011, strengthens the support of excellent young people under the age of 35.

At the same time, it focuses on building a distinctive scientific integration of science and education, cultivating and delivering a large number of high-quality innovation entrepreneurial talents to the society. At the same time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences will consider talent policy, the talent program and major tasks. The organics of the talent program and major tasks: focus on significant scientific issues and key core technologies, vigorously cultivate scientific and technological leaders and young scientific research backbone; strictly select a batch of "from 0 to 0 1 "Original Innovation Project, encourage scientists to bravely" unattended ". At present, my country has formed the world’s most complete discipline system and the largest talent system. R & D personnel have a total of 5 million people, further stimulating talents’ innovative vitality has become a key to enhancing technological innovation capabilities. The Chinese Academy of Sciences adopts a series of measures to loosen the burden reduction for researchers, so that researchers put main energy in scientific research: promote the reform of research institutes, through the "subtration" further focusing the main business; Reform, give research institutes and scientists more scientific research autonomy; encourage "unveiling", let "people" stand out. At the same time, the Chinese Academy of Sciences is committed to establishing the correct talent assessment orientation, and resolutely abandon only the tendency to look at the paper, "Hat", neglecting the ability, and combines the characteristics of different types of research work, and establishing corresponding talent evaluation mechanisms. For basic research, strengthen stability support, the international peer assessment is mainly, appropriately extend the assessment cycle; for the responsibility of major scientific and technological tasks, based on task objectives, establish competitive and stability combined, personal evaluation and team evaluation phase Combined long-term support mechanism; for the construction of major scientific and technological facilities, implementing engineering construction personnel, researchers, key technicians, support management personnel, etc., reflect job responsibilities and task needs.

"The essence of talents is on ‘Can’ and ‘performance’, as long as you can make a prominent contributor should be talent.

To fundamentally change the concept of talents, establish a person to become talented, everyone can be talented, everyone has a good person, let all kinds of talents can show talents, stand out. "The relevant person in charge of the Chinese Academy of Sciences said.

It is reported that the Chinese Academy of Sciences will continue to deepen the reform of the talent evaluation system, strengthen the quality, contribution, performance of the quality, introduction, discovering the use, evaluation incentives, etc. Ecology.

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