Agricultural issuance of Zhangzhou Branch promotes high quality development of business

The agricultural issuance of Zhangzhou City Branch is fully integrated with the "steady development, adjustment structure, grasping" work requirements, and fully promotes the depth of the party building, and the high-quality work work. With the focus on innovation mechanism, the project is fully promoted. Innovation implements "a project, a leader, a special class, one account", "four one" office loan implementation mechanism, play the party building leading role, full process, all-round tracking project supervision process, strong promotion project reserves, project assessment , Loan approval, loan delivery, complement indicator short board, ensure the completion of the annual work target tasks.

As of November 15, the whole bank was accumulated for billion yuan, and the balance of loans was billions of dollars. In addition to the beginning of the year, the amount of loans was accumulated, and the net increase was first in the province. With customer marketing as a power point, the high-end docking of the government is actively planned.

Implementing the spirit of the provincial branch "Notice on Customer Marketing", the party committee team is a "chief marketing staff", leading to 20 counties (cities, districts) to carry out policy preaching, focusing on central enterprises, province, the provincial key state-owned enterprises, The "14th Five-Year Plan" planned major projects, the pre-financing needs of major projects, etc. Base.

With risk prevention and control, it is effective to consolidate high quality development roots.

Grasply integrate the risk management and management, grasp the key links such as customer access, credit rating, customer credit, investigation assessment, review, levy supervision, and loan management, and effectively implement the complete loop management requirements of credit.

Develop roadmaps, schedules, centralized parties, resources, and ensure full-rate of risk loans. Grasp the employees drunk drunk driving special governance, take a warning class, see a warning film, sign a commitment letter, carry out the form of a special inspection, and effectively regulate the daily behavior of employees.

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