Electronic cigarette on the air: Welding factory "transform" generation processing plant, pregnant women special electronic cigarette is harmless to the fetus?

For the electronic cigarette industry, 2019 is a carnival year and is also a year of clouds. In the first half of 2019, at least 9 entrepreneurial projects in electronic smoke were financing. The latest data on the US federal disease control and preventive center shows that on October 1 this year, 48 states and the United States Virgin Islands have reported with the use of electronic cigarettes and 1080 cases of suspected pulmonary disease, at least 18 people die. On September 11, the US White House announced that it will promulgate the sales ban in seasoning electronic cigarettes. In the face of the United States, the two major e-commerce Alibaba and Jingdong decided to suspend the sale of the United States. However, the People’s Network venture channel survey found that the keywords of "smoking cessation artifacts" in the e-commerce platform of Taobao, Jingdong, showing "Say goodbye to real smoke, just three days", "30 days to quit smoking", "Harmless pregnant women special electronic Sports such as smoke. In addition, the People’s Network Venture Channel also found in Hebei survey. Under the interest driver, a main camp in Sanhe City actually turned into "Electronic Tobacco Processing Factory".

The staff of the factory vowed to say that "I can give you production regardless of what formula you provide, I don’t need any qualifications." my country is the world’s largest electronic cigarette production country, 90% of the world’s electronic cigarette equipment from Shenzhen .

Experts said that electronic cigarettes are neither tobacco, non-health products, medical devices, have been in the state of "no product standards, no quality supervision, no safety assessment", while atomized electronic smoke has ultrafine particles, including lead, including lead Heavy metal substances are easy to harm human health. Special electronic cigarette for pregnant women? Although the electronic cigarette is a new style, it is not a new industry. As early as 2003, Chinese pharmacists have invented the first electronic cigarette "such as smoke", and the electronic cigarette is in China’s hot earth. Until the 315 party in 2019, CCTV spear directed the electronic cigarette, questioning the long-term sugar-to-tobacco to produce dependence on nicotine.

After the show, Jingdong, Tmall, Suning and other major e-commerce platforms have masked "electronic cigarettes". On July 22 this year, Mao Qunan, Director, Director of the National Health and Health Committee, in the press conference, the National Health and Justice Committee is working with the relevant departments to conduct electronic smoke supervision research, and plans to supervise electronic cigarettes through legislation, and it is strictly forbidden to use electronic cigarettes. Promote "smoking cessation artifact".

However, the people’s website is searching for the "smoking cessation artifact" in Taobao, Jingdong and other e-commerce platforms, still searching a large number of electronic smoke products.

The Jingdong family sells pregnant women special electronic cigarettes, priced at 378 yuan, one of which includes 7 bottles of different fruit flavor +3 bottles tobacco.

It claims to be a ladies smoking indigenic, honest hookah, and attached 10 bottles of smoke oil.

A Taobao shop also said that its products are special, excluding nicotine, no harm to the fetus. But many processing plant bosses, investors and branders said they have never heard of special electronic cigarettes for pregnant women, and they never recommend pregnant women to smoke electronic cigarettes.

Taobao Electronic Tobacco Shop, said that electronic smoke can do a certain extent, because nicotine content is small, do not burn, basically free of tar, make people do not have a sense of dependence, electronic smoke is not addictive Substance, this is like juice, not addictive, but there is also a return. The taste of "five flowers" is one of the electronic smoke. "What tastes do you want, I can produce it." Zhang He said that the cigarette smoke in the electronic smoke contains fragrance, sublimation, atomization, and in the mouth, just like drinking drinks, just fog and water difference. "Electronic smoke spread is normal.

"Shenzhen Site Board, Li Ya, said that he had seen a nine-palace poster. Different tastes of electronic cigarettes were presented above, and they were labeled Nicotine content as much than 3%. According to the People’s Network’s vast investment channel, the electronic cigarette on the market The oil concentration is mainly divided into four common standards such as 0 mg, low 6 mg, 12 mg, high 18mg.

"Mushrooms like our daily life, tomato, tomatoes, also have trace of nicotine, and the nicotine content of the soobial oil will be higher than the food, but these trace of nicotine is used to quit smoking and do not harm to the body.

"The owner of the Taobao sells electronic smoke believes." Why is nicotine salt (containing Nicotine and other organic ingredients)? Nikutine salt is to make the oil oil close to the taste of the real smoke.

"The store is complementary. Xi’an Biological Engineering Co., Ltd. specializes in electronic cigarette materials, providing high concentrated flavor, cool flavor, sweeteners and nicotine, including more than 800 pieces of fragrance.

According to its staff, nicotine use is to make electronic cigarettes with ordinary cigarettes tobacco taste. The normal dose of the sole oil in the market is 3mg and 6mg, but some electronic cigarette oil is 12mg, even higher, which is not only addictive. And it is easy to "drunk".

"Mysterious" ingredients Electronic smokers Zhang Wei have appeared "drunken" symptoms. He first purchased the electronic cigarette, simply screened the chemical composition of the box, after completing, it felt slightly dizzy, the station was unstable. "When we pack our customers, some raw materials are not printed on the box, and they will not indicate the specific content of hazardous substances." Li Ya said that today’s publicity of electronic smoke is mainly disclosed, some of the intensive content, partially dangerous The ingredients are not listed on the package. Li Yan, researcher, said that the e-cigarette testing mechanism said that the electronic cigarette will certainly add Nagodine. At present, there is no corresponding standard for the nicotine content of the electronic smoke, and the actual content of many brand electronic cigarettes and the contents of the package marked on the packaging have great differences.

In order to let the electronic cigarette are well known, there are some abnormal competition in the market, and addictive nicotine content and more and more related tobacco extracts, the taste is also getting more and more strong, even adding contraband, people are sucking After the electronic cigarette, I feel that the real smoke is tasteless.

Li Yan said that nicotine salt is maintained in the middle and low, which will not have obvious harm to the body, and can bring satisfaction and stimulus. For those who are not large to smoke, the neutrical low nicotine salt is suitable, if the smoke addiction is large, you can choose the high-high content of soot. However, the oil content should not exceed 24mg, otherwise the body is not suitable, even fainting. Let Li Yan are worried about that there is more and more electronic cigarettes that are unidentified by electronic cigarettes, and individual merchants also add violations, which cannot keep users healthy, and even damage to smokers’ nerves.

On October 4 this year, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a statement, warning consumers stop using the electronic cigarette products that add tetrahydroaja (THC, a high concentration chemical ingredient extracted from industrial marijuana). Do not use any electronic cigarette products obtained from the street or other informal channels. The statement also mentioned that the survey indicated that the electronic cigarette products containing tetrahydroausol were related to a large number of pulmonary diseases reported. It is recommended that consumers do not use electronic cigarette products purchased by tetrahydroachetum and electronic cigarette products purchased in informal channels. Do not modify the electronic cigarette ingredients or add any substances such as tetrahydroaushenol or other oil substances.

Li Yan said that tetrahydroaidin is a pharmonic component of cannabis, and the electronic cigarette products containing tetrahydroacetic cannoid products are unknown. If the intake of tetrahydrocette can lead to sudden death. In Li Yan, electronic smoke is more harmful to ordinary tobacco, in addition to nicotine and tar, electronic cigarettes also contain harmful substances such as nicotine salts, formaldehyde, propylene glycol and glycerol, and formaldehyde, propylene glycol and glycerol will have a strong stimulating effect on the respiratory tract. Impurities and spices may also have health and safety risks. Even atomized electronic cigarettes, there are ultrafine particles, including heavy metal substances, including lead, even carcinogenic. Li Yan said that with the adoption of the electronic smoke, some bad merchants flock to the benefits, swarming, producing inferior electronic cigarettes, so smokers do not take the electronic cigarette products acquired from the street or other informal channels. From small workshop.