Hong Kong Media: China "Falcon" inspects one-in-one drone to make "movie scenery"

On October 14th, the "Nanhua Morning Post" website issued the article "National Media said that China’s new drone will make a reality in the movie in the" National Media]. A new Type of view is a drone.

It has been reported that this drone will be able to perform reconnaissance and strike tasks with other drones. WJ-700 completed the first flight in January this year, was regarded as a key component of the Chinese military ambitious unmanned combat system, but analysts said that the technical challenge still exists. CCTV Military Channels showed that this unmanned reconnaissance machine in recent reports can be used singularly, or other unmanned units can also be used in one unit.

It is reported that it will appear in the formation of the team in the movie into the reality.

Previously, CCTV has also reported the future use of this fascinating drone, called it according to the information you collected and the information obtained from other drones. Falcon is a high-altitude drone, with a flying height of millimeters. Its life is 20 hours, with a cruise speed of 600 km / h. The drone is developed by state-owned China Aerospace Science and Technology Group Co., Ltd., before the first flight, its model is the first time in China’s International Air Aerospace Expo.