Continuously improve the rights and interests of disabled people

This year is the 30th anniversary of the protection law of the disabled.

For a while, there have been real tricks in all parts, using the power, do practical things, to protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities. Disabled people are equal members of human houses, and persons with disabilities are a social system engineering. General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "All the construction undertakings should be included in the cause of disabled, and constantly improve the rights and interests of disabled people."

The protection law of the disabled person being implemented on May 15, 1991 is the special law in my country aimed to fully protect the rights of persons with disabilities.

Through the legal system, the rights and interests of persons with disabilities will be fully improved through legal system, and we can provide rule of treatment to promote the accelerated development of disabled people. 30 years in the implementation of the Protection Law of Disabled Persons with Disabilities, my country is constantly improving the rights and interests of disabled rights and interests. As of now, in the law through the National People’s Congress and its Standing Committee, there are more than 80 parts that directly protect the rights and interests of disabled people; more than 70 people have included direct protection of disabled rights and interests; civil law In the code, there are nearly 30 provisions involving the rights and interests of persons with disabilities.

During the 13th Five-Year Plan, the legal rescue work of disabled people was continuously promoted, and 2,600 disabled legal rescue work coordination agencies were established nationwide, 2318 disabled legal rescue workstations.

Constantly improved, promote the implementation of the legal and legal laws and regulations of the disabled, in order to meet the expectations of disabled friends to make them a good life, in every legal system, each law enforcement decision, each judicial case, every judicial case, law warmth .

Develop disabled people, protect the rights and interests of disabled people, and continue to improve people’s livelihood. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "Let the majority of disabled people live in peace, clothing, food, food, good life, is an important embodiment of our party wholeheartedly serve the people’s service, is the inevitable requirement of my country’s socialist system." "Two people, one Zhang Shundong, one hand, a feet, and Li Guoxiu couple have been poor, thanks to the minimum living guarantee, employment subsidies, government support and other policies of disabled people, and put out a day, still in the e-commerce platform. Villagers sell agricultural products, won the 2020 National Defiration Awards. During the "13th Five-Year Plan", more than 7 million setup of the poverty disabled disabled were poverty, and became a fresh manifestation of "a comprehensive construction of a well-off society and the disabled."

Do more things for the cause of disabled, there is a targeted manner, strong and weak, can help people with disabilities participate in social life and share economic and social development results.

Develop disabled people, protect the rights and interests of persons with disabilities, and encourage more people to join the helpless disability ranks.

Zhang Haidi, chairman of the China Disabled Persons’ Federation, shared a story: a boy who lost the lower limbs, the knees were put on shoes to participate in the college entrance examination, she was deeply aware of her heartache, and the relevant comrades and units were designed to install the prosthesis for the child.

Disabled people are "special difficult groups", need social community, all parties are particularly concerned, extraordinary attention.

In daily life, examinations, sports fitness, medical rehabilitation, integration into society, etc., requires professional participation.

Widely mobilized all walks of life and all aspects, putting the difficulties and expectations of persons with disabilities in their hearts, creating more opportunities for them, in order to integrate people with disabilities into society to create more possibilities.

The "Tenth Five-Year Plan" and the 2035 long-term target program should be clear "to protect the basic rights and interests of women’s minors and disabled", pointing out "to increase the security of disabled people."

Concentrates to get into the new journey, put the dream of each disabled person into the Chinese dream, must promote the new level of the disabled in my country.

(Author: China Disabled Sports Management Center) (Editor: Tang Li Wei, Peng Yingbing).