His a woman’s reproductive capital

The fallopian tube is the bridge between ovaries and the uterus, which has an important role in physiological peristalsis, the egg, sperm, egg fertilization, fertilized egg delivery and early embryos. Any organ or tissue in the pelvic cavity may cause the pathogenesis to go up or down or down, invade nearby parts.

For example, when the body’s resistance is weak, endogenous inflammation such as exogenous pathogens and vaginitis, cerviculitis, appendicitis can lead to acute fallopianitis. Similarly, fallopianitis may also spread to other germ organs, causing ovarian inflammation and endometritis, pelvic inflammatory diseases.

Its main symptoms are abdominal pain, fever, blood volume or abnormal exposure, abnormal secretions, etc.

Ding Jingxin, chief physician, chief physician, Department of Gynecology, Department of Gynecology, Fudan University, said that if oil-inflammatory is not possible to control, repeated attacks, the normal structure and function of the fallopian tube mucosa will result in tubal mucosa adhesion, cavity stenosis and tube wall contracture, stiffen Symptoms, so ased for peristalsis, occurs, causing female infertility or ectopic pregnancy, and even cracked fracture pregnancy caused a large bleeding.

Multiple abortion hinders the bed uterus is a cradle of life, the endometrium will periodically exfoliate under the action of female / progesterone, and form a menstrual period. Ding Jing’s introduction, the most common disease in the uterus is uterine fibroids, about 20% of women over 30 years old. Many early uterine fibroids patients have no obvious symptoms, mainly related to their growth position, the more close to the uterus, the less obvious symptoms.

Uterine mucosa under the uterine muscle, in the uterine cavity, the symptoms are most obvious; the mesenteroma between uterine muscle needs to grow to a certain size, causing uterine deformation, can lead to increased vaginal zones, increased, increased during menstrual period or not Symptoms such as rules, even cause abortion or infertility during early pregnancy; the symptoms of the uterine milk membrane are the least obvious, but a few patients may have a muscle to reverse, causing acute abdominal pain, lower abdomen, and other symptoms.

By gynecological B-ultrasound, nuclear magnetic resonance can be detected by tare fibroids.

After excluding the uterine cavity, the endometrium thickness needs to be more than 6 mm to better prepare for the pregnant eggs. If the thickness does not meet the requirements, the patient is pregnant will be very difficult. Multiple abortion will lead to thinned endometrics, and even some people have done a miscarriage, and they will make endometrial damage.

Therefore, women who have no birth plans must do contraception in sexual life, try to avoid abortion. Cervix continues to infect the goddess cancer varicker between the uterus and vaginal, affected by ovarian function, and secrete cervical mucus is obvious. The ovulation period, the estrogen content increases, stimulates the adult cervical adapter, which makes it thinner. It is conducive to the passage of sperm. Sperm can also take respect, increase the vitality, promote the binding of the egg; after ovulation, progestin content increase, cervical mucus Reduce and start viscous, forming a mucus in the cervix, preventing sperm and pathogens from entering, equivalent to a barrier in gynecological health.

However, the cervix itself is susceptible to the invasion of various pathogenic factors such as bacteria, mycoplasma, chlamydia, and viruses, in which human papillomavirus (HPV) is one of the reasons for cervical cancer.

Ding Jing’s new introduction, the branch between the cervix (the columnar cells in the uterus and squamous cells in the vagina) are easily infected with HPV, which can cause cervical disease. In more than 160 types of HPVs, more than 40 kinds of genital tract infections; 13 to 15 species of cervical cancer can cause cervical cancer, cervical cancer, cervical cancer, is caused by 16-type and 18 HPV infections. .

Some cervical lesions may have a lot of drainage, contact bleeding, etc., but most patients do not have any symptoms, only cytology inspections such as HPV examination and TCT (liquid-based thin cells) can only find cervical cancer and cancer. Lesion.

In general, most HPV infections can produce antibodies in the human body, and it is clear from itself, but high-risk HPV infections continue to retreat for two years, will cause precancerous lesions.

Therefore, women with stable partners should be used to screen for cervical cancer every 1 to 2 years; young women can inject HPV vaccines while regular cervical cancer screening. Excessive cleaning in vaginal is an important passage for female discharge, childbirth fetus, conduct sexual life and internal genital detection. "The vaginal is not a sterile environment." Ding Jingxin said.

Under normal circumstances, there is a microecological system composed of microorganisms such as oxygen, anaerobic bacteria, which will remain in a balanced state under the common action of estrogen and lactobacillus. Once balance is broken, it will trigger different types of vaginitis.

Mildew vaginitis. Ding Jingxin introduction, 70% of women will infect hypertallitis in their lives. Women who use antibiotics or women with diabetes are more likely to occur in fungal infection, resulting in fungal vaginitis.

Typical manifestation is a bean-slag or curd leucorrhea, very thick, and more obviously itching, and patients can use anti-fungal drugs for targeted treatment after leucorrotic testing. Bacterial vaginitis. Frequent life or vaginal lavage can affect lactate function, break the ecological balance between the vaginal, and initiate bacterial vaginitis.

Patients often behave as increased leucorrhea, odor and other symptoms, can be diagnosed by white belt test.

Elderly vaginitis. Postmenopausal women have reduced estrogen secretion, which is extremely susceptible to senile vaginitis.

Patients can be expressed as an increase in vaginal secretion, yellowing, and a little bleeding or congestive expression in vaginal examination can be treated by local supplementary estrogen and metronidazole. Women without vaginitis simply use water to clean the vaginal, no need to lavish the vagina, otherwise, infection and inflammation will be promoted. Inflammation or vaginal feels different women, should be treated in time, follow the doctor’s advice or cleaner products. ▲.