Close hunting, Chongqing Public Library held digital reading promotion activities

On November 12th, the Chongqing Daily reported that from the Chongqing Library, in order to enrich the citizens’ amateur life, the Chongqing Library jointly held "Yucheng E Station reading – Babaiqi War Epidemic" People’s heart digital reading promotion activities, strengthen digital services in line, send Shanghai quantities to digital reading resources, and enrich the citizens’ amateur life.

According to reports, this online reading promotion is intended to integrate the digital resources of all public libraries in Chongqing, divided into resource matrices, and active matrices.

The resource matrix consists of two parts: digital reading applet and PC digital library. The public can pay attention to the WeChat public number of all public libraries in Chongqing, and can enter the resource matrix page through the WeChat public number, and select the corresponding applet. Enjoy a massive reading resource. Active matrix contains online activities held by Chongqing public libraries on November 3rd. The reporter found that these online activities are quite rich. For example, the Chongqing Library will launch the "cultural venue, tourism scenic spot prevention and control guide" online exhibition and a prize question and answer; on November 30th, Wanzhou The District Library will hold a "乡 音" activity in the southern cavity; on December 10, the Dadukou District library will be held in the "reading" ice and snow, love Winter Olympics – 10 days reading The Olympics listened to the book card, so that the public feels the unique charm of Winter Olympics.

In addition to these few home, it will be available on November 30th, Jiangbei, Yubei, Nanchuan, Weinan, Zhongxian, Yunyang, Shizong Library will jointly carry out "book fragrance" – I am reading People’s series activities let the public learn to develop drugs. After paying attention to the public library of Chongqing, the public can enter the active matrix page and select the corresponding applet to participate in these online activities.

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