Nanning Science and Technology Museum "Aerospace Litting Dreams into Tiangong Class" series of science popularization activities held

The picture shows a model of science and technology counselors and adolescents. At the exhibition of Aerospace Science Popularization of Aerospace Science Public Welfare, the paintings, models, and compositions of 140 young people show their colorful space dreams to the audience.

Earlier, the first batch of national youth works electronic information aerospace science popularization public welfare and public welfare work collection activities were launched. The event was collected a total of 1,395 outstanding works. It aims to send excellent works related to space to space to allow more young people to realize the "space dream". This year is the fifth year of Nanning Science and Technology Museum to carry out the "China Aerospace Day" series of activities. Since its opening in 2017, the Nanning Science and Technology Museum is based on the "Aerospace World" exhibition hall to efficiently integrate aerospace popular science resources, carry out the spiritual education of aerospace, plan , Organized and implemented a series of aerospace popular science brand activities such as the "Tiangong Class" ground classroom, "China Aerospace Day" popular science activities, etc., stimulating young people to explore the enthusiasm of innovation, guide young people to establish a great ambition, and strive to be newcomers of the era of national rejuvenation. In the future, he will join the national aerospace industry to lay a solid foundation.