Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in Shanghai University, what are you learning?

Original title: Among the new undergraduate majors in Shanghai universities, big data and artificial intelligence are not reduced. What exactly do these majors learn? In 2021, there were 1,773 new undergraduate majors in colleges and universities in the country, of which the number of newly added filing majors was artificial intelligence majors. A total of 95 universities added the major, followed by intelligent manufacturing engineering majors, and 53 universities were added. Artificial intelligence has become the most new major in colleges and universities for three consecutive years. There were 180 universities in 2019, 130 universities in 2020, and 95 universities in 2021.

In the past two years, there are many new majors in universities, including big data management and application majors, data science and big data technology. In the two years, 96 colleges and universities across the country have added new data science majors.

This year, there are 48 new undergraduate majors in Shanghai universities, and 7 new undergraduate majors have been added. They are all fields such as artificial intelligence, big data management, energy storage, and digital economy. After the morning newspaper, the reporter sorted out that this year Tongji University, Shanghai University of Foreign Economic and Trade and Shanghai Institute of Electrical A motor have added artificial intelligence undergraduate majors.

Shanghai Jiaotong University, Shanghai Maritime University, Shanghai Business College and Shangwai Daeda Economics and Humanities have added big data management and application undergraduate majors. Each enrollment institution stated that with the rapid development of 5G, integrated circuits, big data, artificial intelligence, and industrial Internet, professional needs related to these fields have increased significantly. Core courses of artificial intelligence majors: Introduction to artificial intelligence, advanced language program design, Python program design, discrete mathematics, data structure, machine learning, deep learning, signal and system, computer vision processing, digital signal processing, digital image processing, statistics, patterns Identification, random process, optimization method, comprehensive design of artificial intelligence system, data mining, natural language processing, geometric perception and intelligent hardware and interactive design, virtual reality and augmented reality, blockchain, cognitive psychology, biological inspiration intelligence Essence Employment prospects: "New Career -Analysis Report of Employment Situation of Artificial Intelligence Engineering and Technical Persons’ Employment" shows that the current gap in artificial intelligence talents in my country exceeds 5 million, and the domestic supply and demand ratio is 1:10, and the supply and demand ratio is seriously imbalanced.

With the increase in artificial intelligence companies, the degree of scarcity of artificial intelligence talents has intensified, especially the gap between the talent supply and demand of voice recognition positions is greater.

Shanghai University of Foreign Economics and Trade has a four -year artificial intelligence major and awarded a bachelor’s degree in engineering. This major has strong practical ability, master the basic theory and professional knowledge of mathematics and natural science knowledge, artificial intelligence -related technologies, has the background of intelligent economy, business intelligence and other related industries, and analyzing modeling for intelligent economy and business intelligent information processing. The comprehensive capabilities of intelligent behavior decision -making, system development and application can engage in composite talents in the fields of intelligent economy, business intelligence and other fields in the fields of intelligent economy, business intelligence and other fields.

The establishment of a new major in artificial intelligence in Shanghai Electrical Engineering is an important measure to optimize the discipline professional layout with the construction of "new engineering" as an opportunity to build a first -class undergraduate.

This major based on intelligent manufacturing, mathematics, information theory and computer science, and the combination of hardware to adapt to the emerging and interdisciplinary majors that adapt to market demand, for the development of the country and the Yangtze River Delta, and the planning and construction of the new area of ??the Lingang area, artificial intelligence The needs of talents can be cultivated in the fields of intelligent manufacturing related fields to engage in artificial intelligence product design, application development technology testing, data analysis, product operation and maintenance and other high -tech talents.

Big data management and application majors are based on the era of Internet+and big data. It mainly studies the application of big data analysis theory and methods in economic management, as well as big data management and governance methods.

For example: business data analysis, business intelligence, electronic health, big data finance, data mining, big data management and governance, etc.

Main courses: higher mathematics, linear algebra, probability theory and mathematical statistics, economics principles, management, statistics, financial science, Python program design, data structure, data resource management, data visualization, data mining, multiple statistical analysis and R Modeling, network and information security, database and data warehouse, management information system, text analysis and text mining, data quality management, financial data analysis, metering economics, etc.

Employment prospects: The data industry -related positions from the primary business data analysts, senior data scientists, and even the company’s executive "chief data officer" or "chief information officer" are the future employment direction.

After graduation, students can work in various organizations at all levels, such as e -commerce enterprises, government management departments, financial institutions, etc., engaged in big data management, data analysis, information resource management and management decision -making. The department is engaged in teaching and scientific research. The new big data management and application undergraduate major in Shanghai Maritime University uses shipping logistics big data and cross -border e -commerce trade big data as the characteristics of school running. The development needs of industrial, international shipping centers, and free trade zones.

At the same time as the new major of the School of Economics and Humanities of Economics and Humanities of the Economics and Humanities of Economics and Humanities of Economics and Humanities of Economics and Humanities, the school helps other majors to complete the upgrade of "information technology+" in other majors in big data talent training. On the basis of "foreign language+" school characteristics, gradually increase "information technology +"School characteristics. In the end, the school "based on Shanghai, facing the whole country, strive to cultivate high -quality composite, applied talents, and actively create a school positioning of unique and high -level application technology universities."

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