The people in the cultivating world pay attention to reality,Ranked first is the force value,The second is ability、Skill level,The third is the amount of money,The rest of the conditions belong to the last stream,Not taken seriously,This Yaxian Gate can be famous for its rhythm,Lei Tianzi secretly shook his head:“Analyze from the discourse of the shopkeeper,It should be a female fairy who has concentrated a lot,And it must have an alluring face,Only then can we gain a foothold in the upper realm,Not too strong。”

With such a guess,Lei Tianzi is a little bit down on Yaxianmen,In Lei Tianzi’s view,Yaxianmen is no different from places like Cuihualou,They all rely on the place that makes men famous。
Lei Tianzi asked the shopkeeper to say:“I have a few pieces dedicated to the real god、immortal、Spirit fruit eaten by strong kings,Kai Chang Yuan Ling Guo,Do you want it?”
“There is such a thing?Take it out and have a look。”The shopkeeper said calmly。
Take out a Kaichangyuan Lingguo and pass it over,Lei Tianzi said:“Buy this kind of spirit fruit elsewhere,It’s all one trillion crystals。”
“So expensive?”The shopkeeper’s hand shakes,Almost missed Lingguo and fell to the ground,Then ask a strong man in the realm of true fairyland in the shop to taste。
The real immortal expert picked up the Kaichangyuan Lingguo and watched it for a long time,Didn’t eat it,But said a few words to the treasurer’s transmission,Then step back,And took away the Kaichangyuan Lingguo。
The treasurer’s face is no longer calm,Because of too much excitement,Some dark red colors emerge on his cheeks,To Lei Tianzi:“In your hands,How many Kaichangyuan spirit fruits are there??”
“I got it by accident during an expedition,At that time, it was a monster of the immortal realm who guarded the Kaichangyuan Lingguo.,My brother died36453A,Only i survived,I barely got a hundred,Back to martial art,Contribute to the senior teacher, take out five,Gave dozens of others,Only fifty left。”
The reason why Lei Tianzi made up such a story,Advertising effect,It’s nothing more than emphasizing the preciousness of Kai Changyuan Linggu,The price is huge,He revealed the news to the shopkeeper to increase his chips,Is a marketing tool。
Two people bargained,In the end, 50 Kaichangyuan Spirit Fruits were traded at a price of 950 billion.,The price is not too high,In the upper realm where there is no Kai Changyuan spirit fruit, it is also very valuable.,At least worth the price of a set of superb artifacts。
Emperor Lei didn’t directly ask for Xianjing,Instead, they can be exchanged for a premium artifact set of the same value,Send these equipment into the magic weapon space,Lei Tianzi turned and left the shop,He left a strand of glazed divine consciousness behind him,I paid special attention when I walked over the corner,Sure enough, there are two sneaky immortal cultivators quietly following behind。
Let out a sneer,Emperor Lei didn’t particularly care,Pretend to find nothing,Keep walking along the street,The cultivator walking on the street is one foot above the ground,The state of the body flying forward,It looks as pleasing to the eye,Do not need to walk step by step。