She is not convenient to go out,Lei Tianzi took Feng Xu and his wife and a hundred paper puppets to a desert area on a standard shuttle。

Biao Shuo just landed,Tianzi Lei saw thousands of immortal cultivators in the pill lock stage chasing and killing a group of people(shēn)Female fairies with blood stains,They are fully capable of killing these female fairies,But he has the psychology of molesting,I just can’t kill it all at once,It’s to cut through the clothes of the fairy,Make young and beautiful female fairies behave in public,They use this way for fun。
Lei Tianzi waved his hand,The immortal cultivator he brought with him immediately stepped forward to rescue,Kill the opponent,The female fairy who was breathing for a while quickly entered the hat space to heal her injuries。
Thousands of immortal cultivators in the pill-locking stage are not the enemy of the masters,Was killed more than half soon,The whole army will be wiped out,At this time, more than a thousand masters came,Shouting into the battlefield。
Lei Tianzi’s men have a way to call for help,People also have the ability to ask for help,So the rescue speed came very fast,Tianzi Lei saw that the weapons in these people’s hands were all swords,And the dress is very uniform,There is a white small sword on the cuff of the defensive armor。
With the addition of opponents,Lei Tianzi also sent a large number of immortal cultivators to join the battlefield,His spiritual power always pays attention to the people on his side,Every time you encounter danger, you will quickly rescue,Kill the enemy directly。
After ten minutes of fighting,Enemy casualties are huge,Thousands of masters have been sent,All be killed on the spot,Hundreds of people on Lei Tianzi’s side were also injured and forced to withdraw from the battlefield.。
The enemy is still increasing,Tianzi Lei also feels that the opponent belongs to a very powerful force,There must be someone who is fascinating,Secretly in my heart。
When the total number of enemies reaches 30,000,More than 5,000 people are still fighting on the scene,Suddenly a powerful wave of spiritual power spread from the horizon,Lei Tianzi thought:“The strong finally appeared。”
His consciousness immediately flew out to meet the enemy,Under the surprised gaze of everyone,The strong man came fiercely but suddenly dropped the chain,(shēn)The body fell from mid-air like a rock,Straight down in the middle of the battlefield。
“this is……Is the result of a cerebral infarction??”Someone from the enemy shouted in shock。
“kill——”Lei Tianzi doesn’t care what the enemy thinks,He just wiped out all the cultivators here,Leave none,As for whose house has an eighty mother,Three-month-old baby,That’s their problem,Won’t affect Lei Tianzi a little bit。
On the enemy’s side, two fascinating powerhouses have killed,Suddenly suffer without exception“Cerebral infarction”Die on the spot,Those more than 5,000 masters in the fertilization period will no longer consider it an accident,It must be the Thunder Emperor’s side who also had a master lurking in the dark who killed his own person in seconds.,Continue like this,It’s impossible for many people to come back alive。
“This is a trap,Do you want us to be buried here??But the Feng Shui here is not wonderful at all,I don’t want to die here,Too dry。”
“I don’t want to die。”
The immortal cultivators of the Sword Emperor’s Gate whispered,I completely lost confidence in my own martial art。
All the people alive now agree,Throw away the weapon and kneel down to beg for mercy,Emperor Lei ordered all these people to be sealed off,Take it back to the trial,When the Sword Emperor Gate no longer has immortal cultivators to come to support,He ordered people to clean the battlefield,Take away all the corpses and the artifacts broken in the battle。
In an instant,Only mottled blood remains here,Smells fishy,All traces of fighting have been cleaned up,Lei Tianzi returned to Tianhai City with the hat space。
Liu Tang stood at the door looking up,Saw my husband come back,Asked caringly:“how about it?Did our people suffer??”