This sentence is correct,But no one knows everything,Then can’t understand everything。

Lei Tianzi, as always, went to America to participate in the exchange meeting as agreed.,Because Qiao Huiru doesn’t need to go there anymore,Temporarily replaced by Xie Yuxian,Xie Yuxian, who is in a bad mood, doesn’t know whether to cry with joy or scold the leader asshole,Corpse site vegetarian meal。
Fortunately, Xie Yuxian has already prepared in advance,Lift the suitcase and leave,Appear shrewd and capable,Worthy of being a professional woman,Pick up and put down,The love ignited in the heart is more important than face,All difficulties are paper tigers in front of love。
Qiao Huiru’s ticket was refunded,Buy another piece of Xie Yuxian’s identity information,Unexpectedly, the phone booking function is changing rapidly,The tickets bought again are not the same as the original seats,Xie Yuxian didn’t care about the seating position,Just take the same plane with Lei Tianzi。
After boarding the plane,Tianzi Lei found out that the seat number next to Qiao Huiru had been replaced by Peng Xueer, whom he had known for a long time.,Xie Yuxian sat in the middle of the fifth row in front。
“Hi!Hello there!”Peng Xueer had to bite the bullet and say hello,She knew in her heart,The one in front of you is really cruel,Let the mountains and the earth be wiped out in a flash。
“Hello there!long time no see,Why are you going to America??”Tianzi Lei didn’t expect to be able to take the same plane with Peng Xueer,He won’t believe it was deliberately arranged。
“Business trip。”Peng Xueer’s attention is on everyone around him,Very vigilant tone is a bit hard。
Neither of them brought luggage,Lei Tianzi has empty hands,Peng Xueer carried a bag the size of a book。
After sitting down,Lei Tianzi couldn’t help but yawn,Closed my eyes and waited for the plane to take off,Qiao Huiru was almost killed last night、Liu Tang worked together to squeeze the body’s energy,Somewhat sleepy。
Peng Xueer stared at him closely,A little weird in my heart:“He killed so many people,Isn’t there a little bit of fear?”
Xie Yuxian in front,I wanted to change a seat with someone else,Found Lei Tianzi asleep,Can only change to his side,Can’t expect Lei Tianzi to sit here。
Xie Yuxian hurried to Peng Xueer,Bend down and say:“This lady,Is your seat number here?I sit in front,Very comfortable location,Near porthole,Can see the blue sky outside,How about we change seats?I have a fear of heights,Afraid to look beyond the plane。”
Peng Xueer knows Xie Yuxian,At least know some of Xie Yuxian’s origins before coming,I can’t help but feel a strange feeling in my heart,Said politely:“Sorry,The aunt,I also have a fear of heights。”
“can you speak?”Xie Yuxian furious,It doesn’t matter whether you change seats or not,The issue is,She actually called me aunt,Aunt,Aunt。
Important things must be repeated three times。